Lasha Lane VP of @APACsocial Makes Threats of Violence and Uses Racial Slur

Lasha Lane, the newly elected vice president of the adult performers advocacy committee, Lasha Lane took to Twitter to not only make a threat of violence against a blogger she doesn’t like, but she also threatens the power of APAC to get him.

She also decided to take it a step further and throw in a racial slur, calling him “Mayo”, which is a derogatory term people of color use to define a white person.


Funny how Lasha Lane loves to claim everyone is racist yet the only real racist behavior comes from her and her little friends.


While using a racist slur isn’t illegal, it doesn’t exactly bode well for the organization that is meant to represent the entire industry. add that to the fact that she’s making threats on behalf of APAC and BIPOC AIC, I can’t help but wonder if there aren’t some potential legal ramifications to this.

We’ve reached out to representatives of the Free Speech Coalition, as well as the listed legal council for the APAC to get a comment. We’ll let you know what they say if we get a response.

I for one advocate shutting down APAC all together. They’ve accomplished nothing, took insane amounts of money in donations, and now are using their position of power within the industry to threaten others with violence.

Removing Lasha Lane isn’t enough. The whole group needs to be closed. They serve no actual purpose. They have accomplished nothing. They took tens of thousands of dollars in donations, and what happened with that money? It went to the board members and NOTHING GOT DONE of value of performers other than themselves.


663140cookie-checkLasha Lane VP of @APACsocial Makes Threats of Violence and Uses Racial Slur

Lasha Lane VP of @APACsocial Makes Threats of Violence and Uses Racial Slur

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5 Responses

  1. Why does this not surprise me? The threats of violence, the criminal activity. I called it last month — a terrorist organization.

  2. Does this woman nobody has ever heard of has a clue what or who she is dealing with here.
    He is never doing to take this lightly and don’t blame him.

  3. Calling someone “Mayo” is a new one on me. Most of the time people use the term “honky” to refer to a white person (which is the six letter N word equivalent for blacks to call us white folk). Sean is probably laughing about this as I type, I don’t see him getting too pissed about that one.

    Kelli, I agree that people at APAC shouldn’t be harassing others but I would stop short of essentially comparing them to Sinn Fein, the Iranian government or Osama Bin Laden. I don’t see APAC members blowing themselves up like Hamas and the PLO do on a semi-regular basis.

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