What APAC Can Do Right Now

I have to admit that I was wrong. APAC is not a worthless organization. Right now they are in a perfect postition to make some simple, yet effective fundamental changes in the industry that would benefit everybody, themselves, producers and agents, and as much as I personally hate to say it, especially the agents. You don’t have to have a good personal relationship to make a business relationship work, sometimes it even helps, it helps when one side pushes, and the other side pulls, as long as its in the same direction.

While working with AIM I used to say, “To help the girls you have to help the guys,” and that is because for every guy that got an std, at least 3-5 girls would catch it . Now, in order to make APAC successful, you have to help the agents and producers, and contrary to popular belief it wont be that difficult.

It takes money for any organization to survive, and to make money it takes money. And there are several, easy ways for APAC to do this. APAC can use their popularity as performers to raise money in many ways. Right now, today, I have places lined up for fundraisers in conjunction with other causes that will welcome your participation, as they too recognize the potential you have to raise money. The potential money you could raise could make you truely independent of any other organization. Just as an example, look at the success that the industry has had with AIDS Walk L.A. This is just one example of how your unique type of celebrity status can be used to help your own organization, and raise even more money than you did for AIDS Walk, for which I applaud, and thank you. APAC, who is your marketing manager, who is your chief fundraiser? And you can do it over and over again, city to city, all year long, all it takes is a little cooperation, and isn’t that what APAC is really abour?

I have been working with other people who are ready to step up and help any member of APAC get signed up for ObamaCare, if you’re not already. This is what your next me geting should be about. Its not difficult, and its affordable. Wouldn’t it be a great marketing tool for the industry as a whole, and APAC in particular to offer this service. Agents, wouldn’t it be great if your peformers had the means to take care of some of the very common problems they face? Wouldn’t it be a great maketing tool for you to attract talent. Derek, remember the collective barganing? Lets do it. APAC is in the perfect position to make it work.

APAC is also in a perfect position to close some of the holes in your current safety net program. All it takes is cooperation among yourselves. Recently, it was reported that there was a vote at APAC that was 80% in favor of changing the current system. Is your leadership trying to impliment any real changes, or is alot of your leadership in the other 20%? Centralization, and a shared data reporting system can be implemented within 72 hours, all it takes is cooperation. Look at your own vote, you can do it, you have 80% who want it! Technology is there to help. Every single lab today has direct patient reporting capability, and the TTS system is even better than that. Finally, PASS can be a thing of the PAST, and the testing can go back to being a medical program, not an industry program.

Right now, today, there is a simple, yet pretty coprehensive plan that I and several performers have discussed that makes several changes that benefit everyone, and best of all it does not cost one dime more than the current system, and it also PROTECTS not only performers health, but it PROTECTS producers and agents from potential legal issues. Best of all it is 100% HIPPA compliant, and neither OSHA or AHF can touch it. And given the very recent events I can see why the perforers who helped me want to remain anonymous, and that is again, where a strong APAC comes into play. You dont need permission from anyone to implement the plan.

The FSC never wanted to be part of the testing program. In the very begining of AIM there were many who opposed it on grounds that did eventually come true, that it would eventually be used against them. Let the FSC fight the battles that they were made for, Free Speech!!! That is their issue, and to be honest, the medical issue gets in their way and costs them time and money that should be used on Free Speech issues. Dang, I just realized, this plan, in addition to helping producers and agents, also helps the FSC! And let’s not forget, it is PIRACY that has done more damage to the industry than condoms, OSHA, Isadore Hall, Morality In Media, Gail Dines,County Health, or AHF etc, combined times ten. Don’t ever forget that.

And here is the final kicker, that if played correctly this will benefit everyone. You will be able to use CDC studies and guidelines to show that your testing IS EQUAL to barrier protection, according to ALL CDC studies. I have crunched the numbers with CDC employees, we can reach those threshholds, and use THEIR own documents to prove it. Your APAC system will prove that the std rates are at least equal to any CDC study about the effectiveness of condoms. And it will be APAC that does it, and if that doesn’t strenthen your position in the industry, nothing will. One year, and this is done. And IF I am right, OSHA will have to grant you a variance, and they will gladly rid themselves of this problem. This will take some work, it won’t be simple, but anything worht having usually isn’t. Do you want to keep battling eachother for 25 cents, or do you want to work together to make a dollar?

Tim Tritch
[email protected]

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What APAC Can Do Right Now

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