Lasha Lane uses APAC to demand FSC @fscpass Work With the Aids Healthcare Foundation

For those of you who weren’t around in 2016 or those of you who forgot I wanted to remind you about a little thing called Prop 60. It was a ballot that would have forced condoms in all porn movies, but not just condoms but other protective gear including dental dams and face masks.

Performers united and fought hard against the issue.

The Aids Healthcare Foundation (AFH), led by Michael Weinstein spent millions of dollars to get this bill approved. They even paid protestors to show up at Prop60 rallies to get this bill passed that would have caused untold damage to the adult industry. This of course was only one of a handful of regulations they tried to force on the adult industry.

The Aids Healthcare Foundation spent millions of dollars to hurt the adult industry and try and get us to shut down.

The industry united in a way we’ve never done before to fight against Prop60. But here is why … do you really want to watch a porno with the actors wearing this?

So why are we talking about this now? Because you need to be aware of the lengths organizations like the Aids Healthcare Foundation and Michael Weinstein will go to hurt the adult industry.

Now Lasha Lane, the Vice President of the APAC – the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee is demanding the Free Speech Coalition add the Aids Healthcare Foundation testing centers to pass.

She sent an official letter using the APAC letterhead to the FSC to make her demands.

Lasha Lane has never really been IN the adult industry. If you look at her history, she’s a BBW who shot a handful of scenes in the late 1990s, early 2000s. She’s only recently resurfaced, demanding that producers shoot her because she’s a person of color and they owe her.

She was even recently banned from XBIZ for her aggressive and inappropriate behavior, making unjustified claims and demands, trying to further her career on the back of the Black Lives Matter movement.

But the one thing she has been consistent about was her support of the Aids Healthcare Foundation, despite the damage that the organization has done to the industry over the last decade. I can’t help but wonder if Lasha Lane, like Phyllisha Anne, is taking a payoff from the AHF for her “support”.

While we can’t say for sure or not if she is on the AHF’s payroll, we can say that it sure sounds like it to us. So if she’s so willing to sell us out, why are we giving any support to APAC, which she and her friends are now in control of.

I’ve heard some nasty rumors about APAC lately but this one is just over the top. How can you justify supporting an organization that has done so much to hurt the adult industry?

APAC needs to be disbanded. It’s members have done nothing but collect money from sponsors and given nothing back in return to the industry itself.


Any money spent on APAC should be re-routed to more deserving industry organizations.



661000cookie-checkLasha Lane uses APAC to demand FSC @fscpass Work With the Aids Healthcare Foundation

Lasha Lane uses APAC to demand FSC @fscpass Work With the Aids Healthcare Foundation

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