Tips And Tricks To Help Give That Experience To Your Favorite Cam Girls Site Model

For many, squirting tends to be viewed as an almost mythical skill that only sex goddesses and porn stars are capable of. But that’s actually not the truth. It’s possible that those women who think they can’t squirt, just haven’t been using the right techniques. Keep in mind of course that everyone is different and there is a chance that some people’s bodies just aren’t made for squirting. And that’s ok.

But If you’re interested in seeing if you can get a woman to the point of squirting, here’s what you can do. The next time you find yourself on cam girls sites, follow these tips and tricks to help your favorite model reach her maximum pleasure capacity, and see if she can squirt after all. You both might be in for a surprise.

Most people who have never experienced squirting might be doubtful. So don’t be surprised if the model your chatting with has her doubts or doesn’t feel confident in trying it out. In this case, it’s always a good idea to offer up a nice little tip in tokens, as a way to persuade her and to show her you’re committed to helping her achieve maximum pleasure on her journey to squirting.

Comfort and relaxation

Tips And Tricks To Help Give That Experience To Your Favorite Cam Girls Site Model

The first step is to make sure the cam girl is fully relaxed. Any kind of tension or anxiety is sure to ruin the experience and greatly reduce the chances of success. Some suggest that laying down in a face-up position is the best for first-time squirters. But the only way it can be achieved is if the model has completely let go of all tension. She must be so in tune with her body, that all outside stressors and anxiety from her life are momentarily blocked out. Just the sound of your voice and her body should be the only thing she’s thinking of. So relaxation and comfort are both very important.


The next thing you are going to want to do is to be sure that the model is using lots of lubrication. The more lubricant the model uses while warming herself up, the stronger her arousal will be and the more sensitive her clitoris will become. A water-based lubricant is the better option for this, as the next step will be to break out the sex toys, and most sex toys need water-based, instead of silicone-based lube. But I’m sure your cam girls site model already knows this, as she is possibly already an expert in the art of pleasure. But sometimes models are amateurs, as in they are just starting out with their modeling career, and they might need a little bit of direction.

Toys of choice

You can reach the point of squirting without any toys, but it would be slightly more challenging. Asking the model to break out her favorite sex toy would be step number three. Toys like clit suckers are known for their success in helping a woman squirt. But that will ultimately be her own choice to make. Unless of course, you persuade her to try a specific toy with a little help from tokens. Whatever you do, just make sure you’ve got the three bases covered! Comfort, relaxation, lots of lube, and a sex toy or two. And then you can move on to the next steps.

Getting to work

If the act of making a woman squirt was so easy, then it would obviously be a much more common occurrence. But it’s not so common, because it really isn’t so easy. You have to put some effort into it on your part.

As mentioned before, in the particular case of cam girls sites, the model you’re chatting with must be completely in tune with her body and the fantasies that are playing out on the screen and you must be her guide during this process. Don’t be afraid to use descriptive words that really ignite her imagination. And it’s actually a good idea to ask her what kind of sex talk she’s into before you even get started.

She might prefer being spoken to in a more demeaning and dirty talk manner, or she might prefer that you speak soft and gentle and soothing. But it’s important that you get on the same page, as her preferences are extremely important in putting her in the right headspace.

Tell her all the things you would love to do to her body and make her feel desired and beautiful. Being genuine is also an important part of the experience, so if there’s something you’re dying to say to her, don’t be shy! If you’re comfortable, she will be more comfortable as well.

The grand finale

It might take some time, as all good things do, but in the right circumstances and when using the right tactics, bringing your favorite model when using a cam girls site to the point of squirting is absolutely possible. When the squirting finally happens, both you and the cam girl will share a very memorable moment.

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Tips And Tricks To Help Give That Experience To Your Favorite Cam Girls Site Model

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