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Tera Signing a Hoax?:

I am hearing that Tera signing last week in Paramus NJ and NyNack NY, was a hoax. I called the nuber on the press release

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Born to be Wild?

“At that moment, without waiting for a reply, Magoo turned slightly at the hip, not moving his feet and urinated into the fire. There was

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(or, Four Weeks on the Road with Felicia Fox) Thursday, 10/4/02, Day 10 Yeah, yeah…I know. Get off my back, South. I’m behind on updates

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To make a very long story as succinct as possible on Sunday September 8, 2002 four of us were fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

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See anybody ya know:

From JoJo Rufus Writes: I’m the owner of a rather large paysite and always wanted to get my head in the door to those

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It’s one the best shows so far, This show belongs in South Florida, boat cruises and bikinis and all that is awesome. The show floor

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Tim Case sends me this one:

Mike South, Don’t feel too bad about all your distribution woes, Mike. The people in south Florida may be deprived of your superior product, but

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If I can’t have you

Yes, South is still canoodling chicks in Florida while I update his site. Dr. Phil (on explaining oral sex to teens on a recent Oprah):

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Mike South

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