OK…and to think I made fun of Tim and Fifi for going to a Korn concert:

The second edition of the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp will be held in Los Angeles in November.

The camp allows fans to jam and learn from actual rock stars. Among the “professors” are Lou Gramm of Foreigner, George Thorogood, Tommy Shaw of Styx, Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Bret Michaels and C.C. DeVille of Poison, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, and Sheila E.

Jeez talk about washed up and burned out…Mark Farner? and worse Sheila E? is a blowjob from Sheila included? Would anyone want it?

Campers will not only get to jam with the artists, they’ll get a demo and a video to take home. No experience or instruments are required.

Kinda like them…no experience or talent required…only George had any talent

However, rock and roll fantasies don’t come cheap. The five-day camp runs just under $5,000 — hotel not included.

Sell outs….

Julie Rage, Cori Love and myself at Trapeze!

We had a ball last night (and early this morning) First we went to the club, had a nice dinner at met some really cool people, turn out was great with over 100 couples! Julie and Cori ran afoul of the rules when they went to a back room and we started taking pictures, most people were cheering them on but one fat lady with an attitude kept bitching so we went back to the main section and drank some more! We left around 4AM and went to a hotel room where Julie and Cori finished their Girl/girl scene. Pictures on Julies site and coris site coming soon, here too probably!
Special thanks go out to Ricky for rounding up a pack of smokes for us and to Desha, a killer pretty dancer from the former “Gold Club” here, she came specially to see me because she wants to be a porn star, and I feel real sure you guys will approve of this hottie….ladies too! We really did have a blast! Thanks to all who came out and supported us! One gentleman even brough presents for the ladies Thanks Darren(sp?)

Cori wants to say a special thanks to Julie (It was their first meeting) she had a ball and I want to say a special thanks to Julie and her s/o, you guys are some of my very best friends and it is always a blast to hang with ya! And I want to say to Cori, you are the best girl! You know I love ya!

We all want to say thanks to Darian Street and Ian and all the peeps at Trapeze for having us out!

While I am thanking people:

The people I want to thank the most is y’all, the ones who support this site, specially my members who spend their hard earned dollars here, I hope you are getting your moneys worth! Whenever y’all get a chance to come see myself and Cori please do, we love ya! We aren’t doing you a favor by making an appearance someplace, you are doing us a favor by coming out to see us! So don’t be shy, come up and say hello, hang with us and have fun!

I will be in Miami for InterneXt around the first of next month, so will Julie and Cori. Cori and I will be at the Nightmoves Central Florida Adutl Entertainment Awards in mid September in Tampa and we hope to be signing for Metro at East Coast Video Show in Atlantic City in October.

4060cookie-checkOK…and to think I made fun of Tim and Fifi for going to a Korn concert:

OK…and to think I made fun of Tim and Fifi for going to a Korn concert:

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