(or, Four Weeks on the Road with Felicia Fox)

Thursday, 10/4/02, Day 10

Yeah, yeah…I know. Get off my back, South. I’m behind on updates by ten freaking days…I know I missed filling you in on the entire West Palm Beach
leg of our month-long odyssey, and the reason is because Wildside gave us free drinks all week and I was hammered the entire fucking time. A drunken
week in the sunshine.
All I have left from last week are impressions, faint ghostly images of things that might or might not have happened there in Florida…the lovely Felicia laying out by the pool being gawked at by hordes of short italian men in Bermuda shorts…dropping my dog off at the $15-a-day kennel there in WPB
so that we could fly to LA this week…Felicia, on the last night of her shows there at Wildside, dragging “Q-Tip” the bartender up on stage and sucking his cock during her last song…our new best friends Aaron and Donna stopping nightly to make sure we were okay, and I could swear that at some point Donna was lovingly fondling my testicles…or maybe that was “Q-Tip”…the lovely, hot, sexy, luscious Kylie Kurves and her lifemate Jerry stopping in and spending time with us…some young guy buying a private dance from Felicia after her last show, then pulling his little weenie out and asking her to do to it what she did to the guy’s onstage.
He’s lucky she was drunk — otherwise she might have kicked him to death.But, anyway — so much for the Florida leg. Now we’re in sunny Los Angeles — our home away from home — we arrived here on sunday night and drove straight to Sushi Zen on Santa Monica to get some dinner. On Monday, Felicia shot for the lovely Skye Blue, who was directing “Boobsville Sorority House” for Big Top Video. Her scene was with J___ W____, and the poor guy was having a hell of a time. She was supposed to shoot her scene 2nd, and, I have to tell you, there is more wood on the moon than there was on that set. She tried to blow him — didn’t work. He gave her oral — didn’t work. Hand jobs, foot jobs, dancing, gyrating and she was starting to get just a wee bit perturbed when J____ suggested that they go ahead and let the next contestants (Randy Spears and Friday) do their scene, and then he and the lovely Felicia would surely be able to continue.
He was wrong.
After what seemed like hours of oral stimulation on J____’s still-flaccid penis, Skye finally stepped in and called for a stunt cock to come in and finish up the pop. After all these films, this was the first time this had ever happened to Felicia, but I’m sure it’s common in the business. Myself, being ill-equipped and physically unable to do what the male talent does for a living, I have to take my ball cap off to all the guys…god knows they don’t have it easy, and it seems like their talents aren’t truly appreciated until one of them has a little trouble on a set. More fun in tomorrow’s update, including Felicia’s first interracial scene.

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