It’s one the best shows so far, This show belongs in South Florida, boat cruises and bikinis and all that is awesome. The show floor is packed and the quality of the people here is good, I chatted with Max Hardcore for a while, also with Bill Margold and William Lyon from the Free Screech Cabal….Ya that’s funny.

The best part of the show and the big question is why was I rolling literally ON THE FLOOR not just with my new stalker Adella but also with Samantha Lewis!!! Truth is I love them both dearly and Samantha had some lower back issues so I practiced a littel Chiropracty on her and she was grateful because it worked, so no, regretably it wasn’t anything kinky and no I didnt get pictures.

I am about to head out for a Webmaster Cruise on a private Yacht that should be interesting….photos later!

Jim Gunn came up to me today complaining that I called him The White Devil on my site, he said the least I coulda done is linked him…OK Jim Yer Linked!

So far either Bruno has forgiven me or hasn’t introduced himself.

Lots of you guys have come up to say hello, and honestly oit is a pleasure meeting you guys! Hope to meet more of you tomorrow. Cameron from this site will be with me tomorrow, Julia was with me today!

I have to hand it to AVN on this show…it’s well done, very well done.

See you guys tomorrow I hope……



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