The latest on Charley Frey:

There aren’t many people on this planet that when put next to John T Bone would make him look like a chiorboy. Enter Charley Frey aka Charles Friedson (Friedsen?). Charley has a booking agency for feature dancers and has two guys booking the girls. last week both his agents left and started a new company, word is they got tired of owners saying “I like you guys but I won’t give Charley a fucking dime, he is a scumbag” Now they are booking talent themselves. Charley is none to happy, so much so that he is sending thugs over to these guys houses, so far to no avail. Let me give you and idea of how Charley operates, this one I was a witness to, I am changing the dollar amounts but the ratios are correct.

While I was dating Sana Fey I went with her to a gig she did in Toronto. She was booking, at the time through Lowell and had been approached by Charlie, she told Charley if you can find me work you get paid for it…

Lowell books Sana Fey into a club in South Florida for one week for 2000 dollars

Charley calls the same club asking if they want to book Sana Fey, they told Charley that they already booked her through Lowell. Charley says what did you pay? The club tells him, Charley said, I can get her for you for half that, the club owner says hey if you can I will book her through you, Charley says sure call Lowell and cancel her.

The club did, then the next day Charlie calls Sana Fey and says I have a gig for you in South Florida but you will only get half your asking rate, he talks Sana Fey into taking the booking and it isnt until she gets the paperwork that she realizes that its the same club that cancelled her.

Welcome to doing business with Charley…

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The latest on Charley Frey:

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