Chimpy Writes:

I was reading this JKP/Ksex shit and wondering when someone was going to point out how silly this is?!

She makes a policy that her talent can’t show up on Ksex, because her talent never show up on Ksex! Someone call the shrink! GEEEEEEEZ!

More on JKP v. KSEX:

I talked to Jason Sechrest today, publicist for JKP. Jason has a show on KSEX I asked him if he could have JKP girls on his show…the answer…”No”.

I like how JKP is spinning this…Our girls always flake on the KSEX shows so instead of KSEX booking them and then they no show JKP is just going to say they aren’t allowed to do KSEX…Only in porn….

Speaking of JKP girls I hear Haven’s new boob job is…well….less than flattering….

JKP has Barred All of their Contract Stars (Whoever they are) from appearing on KSEX Radio with Wankus:

Speaking of, I hear Cynara had an episode last week on a set involving frequent vibrator changes, cancer and a real freak out…someone gimme the whole scoop!

Mike South’s Southern Magnolias is In:

Contact Bambi at Hollywood Video to order it (VHS and DVD). To my buddies at Jackson Supply down in Florida…Call Bambi.

Mail order at

Tim Connelly now HWMIC at AVN.

Tim is a good guy, I have known him for years. He is smart and if given the power can probably change AVN for the better. I don’t yet know what this means for the Adam Film World Publications which Tim heads up at Knight Publishing. I suspect it means nothing, probably business as usual at AFW but I am sure I will find out soon. I’m also unclear as to what it means for Mike Ramone, who is now in the position of Managing Editor at AVN. Time will tell I guess.

Tampa Show List is Growing:

If ya wanna see who is coming check out Dirty Bob’s site for the Tampa Show
You can also email him there if you are in the biz and would like to attend. It’s a good time, I go every year and all in all it’s the most fun show I do all year.

Alexis Amore says OH HELL NO!:

Says she did NOT do Freidland to get her contract..OK now other than Alexis and Jill Kelly…quick name TWO JKP contract girls…uh huh just as I thought….

Sam Phillips and I are running very cold now:

First she and Adella get me all worked up telling me they are coming fishing, then Sammy P and I start a cyber romance then *POOF* she disappears…Oh well easy come easy go I guess…nope they never did come fishing….I guess LS was right after all….

A Note to all Travelling features:

If you are coming to Atlanta email me, I will come out to your show, snap a few pics and give ya some PR here! Hell I might even take ya fishing…


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Chimpy Writes:

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