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Nightmoves Pictures As Promised

Click the photo for the page (it has 400+ photos)  All compliments of Vicky Vette and the lovely VNA Girls! Thank You to the lovely and talented Julia Ann…ya made

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Visiting Tampa

I am in Tampa visiting my friends Lindsey Lovehands and Al. The weather is just georgeous and as fate would have it the Tampa show is going on this weekend

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Today’s Lesson: Don’t judge a SLUT by her cover

I have to tell you about my weekend. But to properly tell you the story I need to go back in time a few months to the first night I walked into 2001 Odyssey in Tampa, Florida. For those of you that live in Tampa, or have ever visited Tampa, you know the place. If you have never been to Tampa, what’s keeping you? Anyway, so I went into the club one Saturday night after I moved here. To make a really long story MUCH shorter (trust me, you’ll thank me) I will fast-forward a bit. I met Delilah Strong, porn mega-star and multiple AVN award-winner my first day. You know Delilah, Mike knows her. She is a veteran of over 500 movies and has many box covers to her credit. She is one luscious piece of Sicilian-Puerto-Rican ass. Delilah is a member of the “Kennedy Family” of the porn world. Her mother was Deborah Coxx who performed in the 80’s, her sister is Samantha Strong (and yes they have appeared together before) and her cousin is Courtney Cummz. That is a regular familial porn dynasty! She has won “Best Three-way Sex Scene” and the coveted “Dirtiest Girl in Porn” at the AVNs.

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More Tampa Show Photos

The prettiest girl there she sez The cover of the next U2 CD? (batman, Donna, Aaron, Asian Rachael L-R) The coolest shoes at the shoe show (Ava Rose) Tracy from

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Some Tampa Show Moments

Anjelica Lauren, who on being told she would present her award on stage three said “I’m the prettiest girl here and I will NOT present in an alley” Anjelica, Meet

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Some Props From Tampa

To the person who hooked me up with Creative Loafing…Many Thanks, hold the Mic close to your lips when you talk into it, (an inch or less) that way the

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A Clarification

The Otto and Audrey story read like Ninn Worxxx dropping their product line was somehow related to the fact that they flaked in Tampa.  As far as I know the

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Im Off To Tampa

The Goddess of Oddness will be writing updates for the next week…I may sneak in a few as well see ya’ll when i’m back!

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Tampa Show 2007

Well it’s almost that time of year again! I will be there! for the latest check out www.nmaea.com no matter what it says there…I will be there and hope to

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Home Again:

To address a few issues anyone who thinks I have a cat, much less one named Mr Snuggles probably also believes I am on Jenny Craig and like the brownies

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Speaking of Tampa:

Yup its that time of year again. My favorite show of the year…can’t wait to see everyone ! For details go to either www.tampashow.com or www.nmaea.com. If you are there

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Tampa Show Pics are HERE!

Tampa Show Pics are HERE! They will cost you a one time charge of 5.00, theres no recurring and no cancelling or any BS. It’s just that there’s 1200 +

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Dan Writes:

Mike South Evicted from First Stop of Caravan of Stars Everyone’s favorite Georgia peach, Mike South, became the first casaulty of the infamous Tampa Show, now taking place in the

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Tampa Show 2004:

The full story is coming, as always it’s a story in progress. The final chapter won’t be written till after the show is over but you guys will get it,

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I’m In Tampa:

I am here hanging out with Trixie, we went to the aquarium today or as Trixie calls it “The Fish Museum” I figure it came out to about 25 cents

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