Nightmoves Pictures As Promised

Click the photo for the page (it has 400+ photos)  All compliments of Vicky Vette and the lovely VNA Girls!

Thank You to the lovely and talented Julia Ann…ya made my night doll face!

Julia Ann Mike South

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Nightmoves Pictures As Promised

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  1. Dirty Bob claims the photos are not appearing in the proper resolution for him he says they look “blurry” and “Low res” is anyone else experiencing this?

  2. So, Mike. There’s 400 photos you could’ve chosen from but you chose Julia Ann almost sitting in your lap. Hmmm!

    Don’t blame you, dude. She looks lovely and amazing. What a wonderful woman.

  3. The picture looks clear to me. The only complaint I would have is that the far right side of the picture bleeds into your advertisement tier, making for an effect where the advertisement covers part of the picture (a small portion). Keeping that from happening is not easy, though so I understand.

    As for Julia Ann, she is still very attractive (and I read somewhere recently she is 48)! If half of the women in porn took lessons from her on how to manage their careers the adult industry would look a lot different — for the better.

  4. make your window wider to fix that problem and if you click the photo it will take you to a gallery of over 400 pics its those that DB says are blurry I cant see the problem on any of the 3 major browsers…I suspect DB’s problem is a slow connection if he waits it will likely finish loading and become clearer

  5. I don’t blame you for having Julia sit by you in the pic – she is a delight! That’s why I had her co-host the last XRCO Awards Show !

  6. While the photos are reasonably clear, they are no way as sharp as the pic of you and Julia – it almost looks like a soft focus. Still, nice pics!

  7. Why are there so many award shows and yet little to no quality porn being made any more?

    Isn’t it a struggle to fill these award show categories when virtually all porn being made now is “gonzo forget about it 5 minutes after I watch it” porn?

    Or is that where porn producers are making their money because they not making much due to piracy and lost DVD sales?

  8. Karmafan I don’t think porn producers are making any money except from pimping.

    As to why there are still award shows it’s just because everyone needs to be seen in this narcissistic me me me social media generation.

  9. The pictures look fine to me, too. Granted I have a DSL internet connection, if someone is using dial-up with a program that compresses data (to make everything load faster on a 53K connection) that alone would cause pictures to be blurry, the more compression used the more blurry the pictures. I had that kind of dial-up from Juno years ago, if the compression was set too high pictures were almost un-viewable.

    Thanks to the person that took the pictures and thank you Mike for posting them. It looks like everyone had a lot of fun.

  10. You can take it for whatever amount of salt you like but Jacky St. James (a porn writer and director for New Sensations) says that her employer is still profitable and Peter Acworth said recently that the websites are breaking even, with the company branching out into several other parts of the entertainment industry the company is still making money.

  11. New Sensations used to produce good new material but then they started releasing hundreds and hundreds of repackaged old scenes mish-mashed together. If that makes them money then great, I just haven’t checked their website in probably 4 or 5 years.

  12. I actually am a current subscriber, the material they have produced in the past 3-4 years is definitely not re-packaged scenes (they are mainly features with excellent production value) but there is a batch posted in about 2009-2011 that appears to be of that quality. I think the recession affected their ability to produce new material (and about that time they lost their then main director Lee Roy Meyers when he went out on his own creating his site Woodrocket — which is free to view and not stolen scenes although I don’t know how he is making money with that site). Quality at New Sensations appears to have improved greatly with the hire of Eddie Powell in 2011 and then about a year later Jacky St. James’ hire.

    If you do subscribe their pricing is sort of weird, a month is $30, three months is $55 and a year is $115. Also make sure you uncheck their premium service tick box so you aren’t billed an additional $40 a month for their webcam service. As things get busy this time of year and I won’t have time to watch movies until after Christmas I am not going to re-up later this month (I am currently a quarterly subscriber) but definitely plan to re-subscribe after the holidays. Also, their website subscription does not include the ability to permanently download movies and save them to your hard drive (admittedly that may be how most porn companies websites work now).

  13. $30 a month plus secret hidden fees and you can’t download any of the content (streaming only I guess)? I bet folks are lining up around the block for that service.

  14. It’s nice to know they still are alive and that they have paying customers. I used to have the New Sensations website bookmarked so I could see the new releases trailers every week or so. They had a lot of good titles like “Naughty Schoolgirls” and I sure do miss those.

    Porn needs a new medium, it’ll come along eventually but for now we’re all in the porn doldrums.

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