Pure Play Media Needs A Salesperson For Private USA Products:

(CHATSWORTH, CA) One of the leading distributors of quality adult entertainment, Pure Play Media, has an excellent employment opportunity for the right candidate. Applicants for this sales position will be dealing primarily with the Private Media Group. Good communication skills a must, qualified applicants must be proficient in Excel and Word. The ideal candidate will have adult industry experience and contacts.

Please send resume and salary requirements to [email protected]

Tampa Show Moments:

As I think back on the Tampa Show I gotta few highlights that bear mentioning:

One was meeting Scott from Eyeonadult.com he was a worthy replacement for an absent Tim Case and a funny and cool dude.

Getting 86’d from a shitty strip club was kinda cool too…Fuck Vegas showgirls in Clearwater.

Going on my first date with Kelly Taylor ranked right up there, specially since we ended up taking Jes and Beater with us.

Staging a peaceful sit in at the pool when a night manager with hallway monitor syndrome tried to make us leave before the agreed on 4AM time….She obviously hadn’t contacted the management of the Wyndham Harbor Island to ask what we were capable of….but we won this one without even peeing on anything.

A conversation with a chick bartender at Tampa Gold Club..

Bartender ( who was hot in that MILFy way): I can’t believe you have had sex with all those girls, should sex be something special?

Me: It is something special, it was special every damn time

Bartender: Aren’t you afraid you might not go to heaven?

Me: Well I would have to believe in Heaven and Hell first

Bartender: Well I believe in heaven and I am going to pray to God that you go to heaven because I just know you are a good fuck.

Being talked into buying www.feministbukkake.com by a a chick…they really are way sicker than us guys are…

Going to dessert Saturday night after our signing with Jesse Jane…she is just too much fun and so adoreable.

Bringing the house down at the show Sunday night, the audience was asleep until me Haley, Cheyenne and Giga got on stage and got the DJ playing some rock and roll and left the audience screaming and wanting more…the look on Ron Jeremys face when we came off stage said it all….We rocked! Thanks Tampa!

Luke Ford BUTCHERING The Beatles Strawberry Fields ( which is a suck ass song anyway) at pornstar karaoke

Rita Faltyano dancing on stage near the end of the show Sunday night, EVERYONE was speechless…damn that girl is hot…fuck you Tommy Gunn for being married to THAT!

And Finally accepting the first annual “Adella Award” on Adella’s behalf that was an honor!


16740cookie-checkPure Play Media Needs A Salesperson For Private USA Products:

Pure Play Media Needs A Salesperson For Private USA Products:

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