Some Props From Tampa

To the person who hooked me up with Creative Loafing…Many Thanks, hold the Mic close to your lips when you talk into it, (an inch or less) that way the peeps can hear ya!

To my friends Beater, Michelle, Jes, Asian Rachael, Isaac, Hailey y’all are the best, Thank you for helping me make Monday Night a success! I love you guys!

And to all the people at the Nightmoves Show on Monday Night who showed me what you all are made of. To everyone who donated money for my Friend Pam Anderson (and that was a LOT of you…) Thank You SO Much Y’all showed me where your hearts are and I appreciate it and I know Pam’s Family does as well, that was plain AWESOME!

Thanks To Paul and Tracy Allen for having me for the 13th year in a row, and thank you for always treating me like family, you guys are the best.

And to all the rest of my friends down there in Tampa, I love coming down and seeing everyone, Odd as it sounds it’s almost like a vacation for me.

Thank You all!

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Some Props From Tampa

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