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Mike South Evicted from First Stop of Caravan of Stars

Everyone’s favorite Georgia peach, Mike South, became the first casaulty of the infamous Tampa Show, now taking place in the Sunshine State.

Industry insiders found out first hand that the beloved porn gossip monger was evicted from a palatial Tampa Bay area club when the Tampa Show’s Caravan of Stars had a stop there.

According to sources, South, came to the aid of a damsel in distress when she was asked to pay to enter the establishment. South then offered the girl a badge, but when witnessed by club security doing so, was admonished and told this wouldn’t fly. South then responded, “Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges! Don’t you know who I am? I’m Mike South — archnemesis of Gene Ross and a beloved fixture of the adult community.”

Upon this, they took him out back and asked him to grab a switch from a tree. “I learned my lesson,” South said. “No one is above the laws of the land.”

Dan Davis, Editor-In-Chief
Magna Publishing Group
That Dan is a riot…he also informed me that he had been offered a bounty on me, funny thing though I never once saw him or Katey from Adam and Eve when they weren’t together (Katey BTW is tall and HOT!) Katey is also WAY too hot for Dan….She is NOT too hot for me though!
Tampa day 3:

We got up and hung out at the pool, Scott from eyeonadult.com joins us. He is a cool mofo by the way, a redneck like myself and unlike myself rather witty and educated. We grill Luke most of the day, presenting Luke with moral dilemmas, like can a jew eat bacon if it’s free….Great fun…try it sometime…Luke CAN laugh at himself.

From here on out pics will be posted in smaller versions…click on those for the large versions.

(L-R) Cheyenne me and Beater, Heather Pink at the pool, and Amber who could have been a contender.

Friday Night we went to a shithole club called Vegas Showgirls if you ever get the chance avoid it…they threw me out because I brought in Rachel, a hot little asian who wasn’t officially in the caravan, they wanted me to pay 55.00 to get her in, I told the jackoff they had for a manager I wouldn’t pay a dime to go in and as a matter of fact he had already paid for me to be there and that if he was bouncing me, I would call it a reward.

Angelica Sin entertains a fan, Beater and Donna, Davia(R) and Katie Gold, Me, Cheyenne and Amber sign, Vivian West is fucking CUTE!

Friday Night saw it’s first casualty as the bartenders at the hotel saw fit to invite Cheyenne and Sierra into the bar after it was closed, they didn’t do anything sexual but they did close out the bar and having the girls in there when the money was counted was a strict no-no…security cameras caught it and the bar manager was fired the next day.

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