I’m In Dayton OH Hangin With Tim, Fifi and Various Strippers:

So expect some stripper quotes and other goofy shit.

Time To Take Some People To Task:

OK All you pussies whining about the accomodations at the Tampa Show. Can we talk here? You are pornstars at best, that is the ones who weren’t just straight out the damn trailer. Do you REALLY think the Ritz Carlton wants you in their hotel? At Any Price?

Nightmoves tried to upgrade our accomodations once and it was a disaster. The 4 star hotel they booked us into clearly didn’t want us there and they made us almost as miserable as we made them,

If you don’t know what Im talkin about read this

The Best Western they put us up in is clean and most importantly they accomodate us, they even LIKE having us there, and that counts for a lot. They keep the pool open, they keep the bar open and they tolerate our after hours antics.

Those of you whining about the bugs…HELLO It’s fucking Florida….the bugs never die from cold weather, they just grow until their body mass becomes too large to support. So yes theres some big ones and yes if you leave the door to your room open you will probably see some of them but I will take the occassional Palmetto bug over a French cocksucker hotel manager with hallway monitor syndrome any day.

If you are attending the Tampa Show to be treated like some sort of faux celebrity stay the hell home. The reason to go is to hang out, make some new friends and have fun with some people in the biz you otherwise never meet.

Hell that best western has better, cleaner bedrooms that most of you have at home, I know that for a fact.

So when you come to Tampa enjoy the fun we have and the fact that the hotel welcomes us…that or stay the fuck in Los Angeles where you can believe you are someone special.

Jeez…sometimes porners make me wanna throw up.


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I’m In Dayton OH Hangin With Tim, Fifi and Various Strippers:

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