I Usually Won’t Run Anything That Has Appeared On AVN Sites Verbatim But This One Is an Exception:

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Wane’s World

With the elections coming up, a frenzy of mud-slinging between the Republicans and Democrats has begun. Debate over whether or not there should have been a war, and over the adversaries’ military records, is in full swing.

Let me state from the outset that I’m a Libertarian and do not much care for either major party in this election. I hear liberals cry about how much they want to see George Bush out of office, claiming that Kerry is the man they want to see run this country. What amazes me is that anyone even cares who is in office.

When Bush first took office, pornographers everywhere sweated over the notion that it would be the end of porn. However, rather than fading away, porn has become more abusive and demeaning than ever before. I have seen acts of so-called adult entertainment that make me afraid to turn the pages of porn magazines because what I see might put me off my dinner or scare my small dog.

It was easy to defend adults having sex on film, but I can’t defend movies that display men pissing in women’s eyes (only one of the depraved acts that people now insist on shooting). It was bad enough when we stood by and tacitly accepted porn featuring girls purposely having cum shot into in their eyes.

Anyone who has had cum in their eyes knows it stings like a motherfucker, and you’ll that have red, swollen eyes for the rest of the day. I can’t imagine how piss feels, nor do I ever want to experience it! I see previews and photos of these acts on the Internet and wonder whatever happened to good, old-fashioned fucking. When did a blowjob or reaming some chick’s asshole stop being good enough?

As in the past, the requisite few weeks of outcry have concluded following the recent industry HIV scare. With concerns over health issues and talk of the government stepping in to force condom use, you would think we’d make an effort to do fewer health-risking porn scenes. Lets face it, if you look back at the last two industry HIV incidents, you would see that the sex act had more to do with the transmission of the disease than anything else.

The first of the two events was the world’s biggest anal gangbang — a hundred guys plowing some delusional porn “star’s” asshole and cumming in her bleeding rectum. The second event involved rumors of girls working with transsexuals in Brazil, then crossing over into hetero scenes and cramming two cocks into their asses at once. Of course, fuel was added to the fire by sperm shooting into the bleeding cavity.

Given the fact that HIV is a blood-semen transmitted disease, you then have a perfect incubation environment to allow the virus to be transmitted. Why don’t we just all sit around and have an orgy with drug addicts who share needles?

I have been in porn for a few years now and have seen a lot of trends come and go, but some of the most recent behaviors are clearly breeding grounds for health issues. If you don’t want to contract HIV, then don’t engage in sex acts that are ideal for HIV transmission.

Don’t get me wrong — I think that as an industry we have done plenty to try to curb the spread of HIV. But I believe that more needs to be done, and that we have to start with something called personal responsibility. I think that the government’s getting involved in regulating our industry is ludicrous, considering that we have fewer reported HIV cases than those involving teens.

According to a recent article by Leslie A. Maxwell in the Sacramento Bee newspaper, both HIV and illegal immigration are gaining momentum at epidemic rates. A 2002 study found strikingly high HIV infection rates in migrants who travel between Tijuana and San Diego, with rates up to four times higher than in other California cities.

At Fresno’s University Medical Center, roughly 10 percent of the 550 current patients at the HIV clinic are Mexican migrants, Dr. Roger Mortimer, medical director of the clinic, told the Bee. “Typically, the patients we see have been infected for a while and come to us with some kind of opportunistic infection,” Mortimer said. “When we see them, we have to start by explaining what HIV is, because often they have never even heard of it.”

I would think that the government’s time would be better spent trying to regulate the borders in their efforts to reduce the cases of HIV in this country before trying to regulate an industry that has seen two cases in the past four years.

But if we are going to self-regulate our industry, let’s try going back to the days when sensuality and fantasy ruled, rather than toward vile and degrading acts that have little if anything to do with sexuality. That in itself would cut back the risks associated with HIV. If anyone out there doesn’t think they raise their risk of contracting HIV by getting three cocks in their ass and having them all cum in their blood-filled asshole, they are delusional.

If having piss in your eyes doesn’t cause hepatitis or some other health risk, then I am not sure how far you think you have to go in order to get an STD. People seem to be careless about their health and feel they are invincible until they actually get something — then they wonder why this happened to them. “Why me?” they cry.

But you do have a choice. No matter what anyone tells you, you have a choice to reject the offer when someone wants to pay to choke you, piss on you, and let a dozen guys from god-knows-where shoot cum up your bleeding asshole.

Sex is wonderful, sex feels great, but some of these films simply constitute abuse of women; they’re shot by woman-haters for woman-haters. Time and time again, I am asked by people outside the business what the heck has happened to porn, and I fall silent. Did the government slip something into your Starbucks? Do you need a vile and degrading porn movie to jack up your dwindling libido? Or are we so spoiled and bored that unless you can turn yourself inside out and wear your rectum like a raincoat, nothing — not even Viagra — will get your knob hard?

Stop worrying about who gets into government and start worrying about the kind of content you choose to shoot for your videos. Let’s face it, neither Bush nor Kerry is a big fan of piss-in-your-eye porn!

— Taylor Wane

Taylor and I have been at odds in the past but this is one point on which we agree. Her last line really does sum it up too. Bush and Ashcroft aren’t anywhere near the threat to our biz that we pose to ourselves.

Luke Backpeddles (From www.lukeisback.com)

AVN Retraction

I’ve carelessly tossed around statements on this site that AVN had several lawsuits against it, and that some have been similar in content to Jennifer Rosenblatt’s. According to the information I now have, AVN has never been sued (except for a minor case ten years ago from someone who was receiving the magazine and didn’t want it).

Lynn LeMay told me in 1996 that she won a settlement from AVN regarding libel but when I check that claim out, I can find no substantiation.

Renee Johnson and Bryn Pryor (Mark Logan) had some screaming argument about six years ago. Though a harassment lawsuit may have been threatened by Renee, the matter was settled in-house. Bryn went to anger management classes and Renee got a car and a cushy job running AVN’s tradeshows.

Juliet Lowry was the head of the AVN internet division. She’s now out on her own. She’s been heard making similar complaints to Jenn’s about AVN but she remains friendly with Paul Fishbein.

I expect AVN will have to make a statement about Jennifer’s lawsuit. Jenn and AVN publisher Paul Fishbein were platonic friends for years.

I also posted last week that Paul Fishbein was on a rampage to destroy the career of Jenn’s husband Darren Blatt. According to another source, however, Paul does not even know what Darren does for a living, let alone has he tried to hurt Darren’s business.

I expect that AVN will defend itself from Jenn’s lawsuit by arguing that she was fired for just cause. That she wasn’t doing a good job. That people were complaining. That employees were threatening to quit. AVN will have to name names and provide specificity to these allegations to be persuasive. Who complained? Who threatened to quit? How was Jenn’s work incompetent?

Tod Hunter does Have Something to say (From www.tod-hunter.net)

Fallout from Jennifer Rosenblatt’s lawsuit


And if you haven’t read the complaint, in all its lustrous detail, click here. All praise to Luke for finding and posting it.


So now, the question is, whose head is going to roll on this? Obviously the AVN Media Network will demand a blood sacrifice to show that “we fired the offending employee and fixed everything.” All crap, of course, but the formalities must be met.


Paul and Darren are safe, of course. They run the place. They don’t take the fall, they decide who takes the fall. And it ain’t them.


Tim Connelly has a contract, no doubt, so he’s relatively safe. The last thing they need is another breach-of-contract suit. Besides, Connelly got to the party late, having been there only about a year now.


Thanks to the sexual-harassment charge, Heidi Pike-Johnson’s job is as safe as if it were in Fort Knox. They’re probably prepping her for public appearances now – a crash diet to get her down to 300 pounds, speech coaching, and a quick trip to Stepford for final programming preparation right before CES.


So who is the poor bastard who’s going to take the fall?


It’s gotta be Mike Ramone.


It gives me no pleasure to say this. Mike has always been fair to me even though we never had a lot in common, and we have been cordial since I was fired from AVN. But Ramone was “Editor in Chief” for a while there after Bryn left, and although he is a nice guy, he can look scary. Selective reading of his reviews from AVN could give Jennifer and her lawyers enough ammunition to shoot more holes in him than a screen door.


And AVN Insider isn’t doing him any favors. Take a look at Ramone’s remark about temporary tattoos in Friday’s Seen/Heard story. Not exactly the words of the Post-Oprah Sensitive Male.


Anyway, that’s my guess. If you have an idea of who’s going to take the fall, I’m setting up [email protected] for guesses.


No Official Word From AVN:

On the lawsuit filed by Jennifer Rosenblatt, but then again I didn’t really expect anything. Generally these sort of things stay quiet and are quietly settled. Should AVN decide to actually fight it I would expect them to say something official. I’m sure the legal eagles are studying it hard for 500/hour or so.

One person I kinda do expect to hear from on this is Carly Milne over at pornblography.com she worked there during the timeframe in question. But then again as PR person for The likes of Seymore Butts and Suze Randall and Michael Ninn she has to get along with AVN so maybe she won’t have anything to say after all.

But what would she say if she were subpeonaed and deposed by either side? Hmmmm!

The First of the Tampa Show Pics Compliments of Beater


More Tampa

On Wednesday Tim and Felicia Fox (Fifi) arrived, as did Beater, Adrian and Jaime, mostly we just hung at the pool all day. On Thursday we all decided to hit the Dali Museum. Now that was an interesting trip. I always liked Dali even though he did overdo it at the end devaluing his work. Afterwards I took Kelly to the airport and Kissed her goodbye.

Thursday night the games began with he whole group going to a regular nightclub. The security there wouldn’t let our friends (Beater, Adrian, Gidget and others in the “porn star area” so we staked out our own area, and guess what? The pornstar area emptied…Go figure. Why do they invite us to a club then put is in a roped off area anyhow. Makes me feel like Im in a zoo or something. OK well I was in a zoo but still….

The DJ calls me up to go on the mic in the club. He calls me a “porn legend”. Just damn, that’s the first (and not the last time that week) I have ever been referred to as a “legend”, sure I been in the biz for 12 years but when I think of legends I think John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, John Leslie, Vanessa Del Rio, Ginger Lynn and the like. But it’s a compliment and I take it.

We get done and convene at the pool wher we pretty much do what you expect porners to do, we sit around laughing, acting goofy, drinking and well….having fun.


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I Usually Won’t Run Anything That Has Appeared On AVN Sites Verbatim But This One Is an Exception:

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