Funniest Quotes From The Tampa Show:

Dan Davis: “Lets throw Monstar into the pool and see if his make up runs”

Monstar: “I’m not wearing any”

Dan Davis: “OK lets throw Monstar into the pool and see if he can swim”


Lexi LaMour: (To Monstar) ” I have your eyeliner in my room”


Mike South: (on observing someones dog swimming in the pool) “Look it’s one of Dirty Bob’s girls in the pool!” (Tracy high fives Mike)


Carmen Luvana: (When asked in an interview for ZFanz what she thought about 2257) whatever she said she said so fast that nobody understood it, I think half was english and half was spanish…we all just looked at each other dumbfounded because she is so fucking HOT!


Name Ommitted To Protect The Guilty: ( I swear it wasn’t me ) ” Caravan of Stars? Looks more like a Caravan of pigs.


Adell: (To Luke Ford) “Mike South lost 27 pounds on Jenny Craig”


Katy Zovolerin: (to me) “Has a girl ever stuck her finger in your ass”?

Me: “Are you kidding? I can’t even pass a mustard seed”

And a WORD OUT To the DJ at the Nightmoves Show on Sunday Night, Whoever You Were:

YOU SUCK As A DJ Whatever Your Day Job Is…Don’t Quit It!

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Funniest Quotes From The Tampa Show:

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