OK I Been Sittin On This Guy For A While:

But no longer this is from www.pagesixsixsix.com Other guys cut and paste the dry news stories about Jenna and Judith, If I am gonna cut and paste it’s gonna be good!

“Nobody fucks with our Jenna Jameson! But, that is exactly what Judith Regan is TRYING TO DO. Thank God the publishing queen is moving to Los Angeles. Biyatch begone!

Jameson and Regan are ’bout to take off their gloves and claw each others eyes out in court with their well-manicured hands as Jenna has just sued Judith.

“Jenna’s lawsuit is frivolous,” says Regan. Oh no she didn’t!
Jameson wants to block Regan’s claim to a financial stake in a reality TV show that she’s negotiated on her own with A&E. HOT!

In a countersuit, Regan insists that an agreement with Jameson signed last April gave her publishing company the exclusive rights to negotiate with TV networks on any project involving the porn star.

We say, fuck the courts. The only way to truly solve this dispute: oil wrestling!”

Pagesixsixsix is the fucking BEST…give it a read!

Yay! We Got Accepted To Sincine Film Festival:

Two years ago at the infamous Tampa Show in Which Alabaaaaama made her appearance. My friend and colleague Aaron decided to shoot it as a documentary. After many screenings and more edits and more edits and more screenings we got it down to a reasonable length. And kudos go to Aaron because it really is good, I mean it’s really good.

The music is appropriate and and songs like “I Wanna Be A Porn Star” add to the whole vacation feel of the movie.

The Tampa Show Documentary shows what can be done when talent is applied to topic of porn people, there’s no judgement and it’s a gauarantee you will leave with a smile. A partial list of people making an appearance include Me, Jesse Jane, Tim Case, Felicia Fox, Layla Jade, Papillon, Kiki D’Aire, Ron Jeremy, Dennis Hof, Sunset Thomas, Victoria Givens, Pam Anderson, Keli Anderson, Celena Roxx, Aria, Vandalia, Jamie, Isaac, Beater, Racheal and The good folks of Tampa Florida.

If you happen to be in New York City you can see it on Tues April 19th at the SinCine Erotic Film Festival.

If you do make it over and see it please email me and tell me what you think.

And if ya haven’t read about the experience (and seen the pics) CLICK HERE

Thanks Y’all.

BT Writes:

Mike: Porn chicks should have no trouble with an IRS audit, especially since I’m sure they declare their dancing tips and lap dancing fees. Because if they don’t the IRS “lifestyle audit” will be interesting.

That’s where the IRS makes you document your household expenses and your toys (not sex toys) to make sure that you’re not paying cash for bling to avoid IRS scrutiny and that your lifestyle is commiserate with your declared income.

The more important question is: if you’re a porn star, are enemas, douches, condoms, lube, linegerie and sex toys deductible items. And do you think porn chicks kept their receipts?

Umm you didn’t hear this here but most pornchicks get all that stuff gratis.

E2K Bust Has Em Sweatin:

the E2K bust has all the porn chick escorts sweating. The feds now have their incomes at their disposal and a lot of that money was probably unclaimed. It will be slow coming but look for the IRS to start auditing.

Additionally pornchicks who made their big bucks as escorts, including one oft mentioned on this site, blonde contract girl have already been contacted by Uncle Sam. I’m predicting some comebacks. The list of escorts on E2K is full of retired porn chicks as well as one funny guy…Thats right Nick Manning is available on E2k. i’d love to hear from someone who has booked him.

Original Sin Former Digital Playground Employees:

XXXInsider Writes:

You know the guys at Original Sin you wrote about last week…Jim Crawford used to be warehouse manager or something at Digital Playground and he used to sell DP products at a flea market every weekend. he conned someone into investing into Original Sin and nabbed Barret and Nic. Jim and Wendy then burned through the capital and left everyone, including the investor high and dry.

14910cookie-checkOK I Been Sittin On This Guy For A While:

OK I Been Sittin On This Guy For A While:

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