Hey I’m porn’s Favorite Hillbilly I want in on this it needs a sex angle anyhow:

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – CBS is resurrecting “The Beverly Hillbillies” as a reality series.

The network will soon begin casting for a weekly half-hour series that will follow the adventures of a rural, lower-middle class family — yes, there will be a granny — as they are transplanted from their humble digs to a Beverly Hills mansion. The project is tentatively titled “Real Beverly Hillbillies.”

During their one-year stay in California, they’ll be afforded a wide variety of luxuries they’d normally be unable to afford, from maid service to personal assistants. They’ll also have a chance to earn a substantial income each week, either via a stipend or through some other means.

Cameras will watch their every move as the rural clan attempts to fit in with folks who eat at the Grill rather than use a grill, or who shop at Harry Winston instead of Wal-Mart. And while the series will focus on a group of five or six, it’s expected their extended family will also stop by for a visit sometime during their stay in the mansion.

CBS vice president of alternative programming Ghen Maynard said the series will have a humorous tone, though with a respect for the family and some elements of drama.

“It’s a great fish-out-of-water story,” he told Daily Variety. “A lot of it will be funny, but a lot of it will be real. We want to fnd a family that’s different from what most people know but still relatable, a family that loves each other a lot.”

The concept was pitched by producers Gary Auerbach and James Jones and veteran documentarian Dub Cornett, and CBS bought it almost immediately.

“It’s rare that you hear an idea and in the first 30 seconds, you instantly get it,” Maynard said. It helped that CBS still owns the right to the “Beverly Hillbillies” title.

Maynard said that while there will be “some structure” to the show, most plots will come naturally — a la MTV’s “The Osbournes” or E!’s “The Anna Nicole Show.”

“Imagine the episode where they have to interview maids,” he said.

Maynard said the show is not designed to mock the rural family, unlike scripted entertainment that often takes a dim view of hick culture.

“The intent is to be respective but at the same time enjoy the humor that comes from the fish-out-of-water scenario of the show,” he said. “We want a family who has a sense of humor about themselves.”

Maynard expects to have several episodes of “Hillbillies” in the can before the show launches, but it’s possible some future episodes will focus on how the fame of the Eye TV show further changes the clan.

While the family will be afforded numerous luxuries, they won’t truly live like millionaires.

“It will be lavish, but not to the point of absurdity,” Maynard said.

And while the new “Hillbillies” will borrow the overall structure of the original comedy, many elements of the first show will not be repeated. It’s not a given, for example, that the family will get their own Miss Jane Hathaway.

A hotline is expected to be opened within days allowing potential families to audition for the show.

My friend Mindy is Executive Producer of this show, come on Mindy hook me up!

I have since found out that this is NOT my friend Mindy’s show but the idea of a competitor who had the same idea and sold it to CBS before ABC (Who passed on Survivor) dragged their feet on Mindy’s version. Sorry Mindy!

It’s a sad day for Rednecks and High School Dropouts all over the Country:

The last Camaro rolled off the assembly line yesterday. There is a memorial service being held in Panama City, Florida aka The Redneck Riviera.

4730cookie-checkHey I’m porn’s Favorite Hillbilly I want in on this it needs a sex angle anyhow:

Hey I’m porn’s Favorite Hillbilly I want in on this it needs a sex angle anyhow:

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