Tim Case Checks in with an Update:

The TimCase Files – May 7-9, 2003

Like most days here in the godforsaken City of Angels this one had been long. Too long. I’d been sweating behind a hot camera since noon, shooting a BGG scene for “Sean Michaels’ Asslickers 3”, and as I drove home through the squallid streets of Reseda, my mind was filled with images of Sean’s big black penis impaling two young hot chicks while they licked and toyed with each other’s assholes. It’s a sick world.
Thank god for that.
I felt disoriented, dehydrated, like the hot lights had sapped the life force from my veins. I felt alienated and afraid. Traffic was light from LAX to the Valley, so I made good time — I wanted to stop at the 7-11 near my house for some of their disgusting nachos, but I couldn’t face the guy in the turban who doesn’t speak English and always smells like he’s shit his pants. Not tonight.
Just then the cell phone rang. I glanced at the display — “Caller ID Blocked”. Who could it be? It had been weeks since I’d heard from Harry Weiss and I missed talking to him…but it might also be my crazy landlord. Kiki Daire could be after my ass with her strap-on again, but I was sure she was out of town — I’d read it on Jimmy D’s site that morning. It could be Luke or Gene or someone wanting to interview me about Felicia Fox’s upcoming coverage in the Star tabloid. Hell, it could have even been Mike South, but I was sure he was in the middle of the Gulf catching red snapper (which sounds like the latest STD du jour and I’m sure that AIM will be testing for it next month).
I took a chance. For once, I answered the phone.
It was Felicia.
“Where the hell are you?”
“Sorry, honey — been shooting all day. I’m tired as hell.”
“Well, you better get your ass home. Were you hitting on the talent again?”
“NO…I swear! Never! Well, that Jade Marxx chick WAS pretty cute, though…”
“Shut up, dumbass. Pick me up some wine on your way home…Bella is here.”
“Bella? You mean Bella Donna?”
“Yeah — Vandalia invited her over. Pam’s here, too. We’re watching porn.”
“Wait a minute — you mean to tell me there are four women in my house sitting together watching porn? Are you naked?”
“You’re retarded. Get some wine and come home.”
I stopped by the liquor store and grabbed some cheap white zinfandel, then headed for home, visions of hot naked drunk chicks groping each other (and me) in my head. Perhaps this wouldn’t be such a bad evening, after all.
The difference between fantasy and reality being what it is, though — I ended up eating a pepperoni pizza while the girls sat in front of the laptop and admired pictures of Nacho Vidal’s penis.
Bella’s hair looks fantastic, by the way. It looks like she just got out of boot camp — I told her I had a fetish for hairless women and she just laughed.

Ok Tim we gotta work on your rap dude….Nacho Vidal???? Please….. and why don’t I have a picure of a bald Belladonna? Am I gonna have to cut your pay again…according to Steve yer the source of all my good dirt….That is SO not so….I got good sources and YOU don’t even give up the good shit…

Well I’m Back in Florida and y’all know what that means:

thats right, more fishing pics, these were caught today!

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Tim Case Checks in with an Update:

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