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Lets go Fishin

OK it’s been a busy week and I spent most of the first part of it at the beach.  We had a great couple of days too, we limited out

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Ok Here It Is As Promised

I promised a fishing report and this is it.  Rode the bike down on Fri.  We fished Sat and Sun.  Seas were rough Saturday but we caught some good fish,

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Hunter Gets A Big One

This video is basically us headed out, looks a lot faster than we were really going….about 26 knots note how calm the seas were.  We also got lucky in that

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Day 2 Offshore

We were back at it at daylight again. As anyone who  has ever tried to throw a big castnet can tell you it is a WHOLE LOT MORE DIFFICULT than

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Frank Writes:

After reading Goddess’ sad tale of health perils, ie; “lazyazzitis” & “cheapazzitits”, I felt a bit reluctant to go fishing last weekend. Not being afflicted with either of those itis’s

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HotMovies says No Shaving Here:

James from hotmovies says no way they are shaving, that the affiliate program is 100% trackable and auditable. Said they did lose a drive with about 20,000 movies but that

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As Some Of You Guessed:

Yes, I have been fishing, it’s rare that we get a chance to go out in February but that’s what happened. My buddies called me and said let’s go and

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Vivid Nabs Barby:

As in Lanny Barby. She is a hot girl who has few limits, different for a Vivid Girl but theres hotter properties right now, Kerri Sable comes to mind. vivid

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Jennifer Worthington Writes:

Dave is right, I say bring our guys home and bomb their cities……….. We’d still be dealing with kamikazies if we hadnt nuked Japan. It sucks, but they cut that

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From The Mail Bag:

From Green Lantern “Evan Seinfeld Puts Gun To Tera Patrick’s Head You once posted something about Tera Patrick and Dorothy Stratton. I think you’re more right than you want to

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Im on My Way Back To Atlanta:

And notr empty handed. we went out 4 times and caught a limit everytime heres a few of them, all red snapper and all 18-20 inches long. After I took

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When the going gets Tough:

The tough go fishing. It’s been too damn long since I got the chance to come down here to Mexico Beach and fish. I decided last night at 8pm to

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I got Bit By a Fish!:

  On the left is a King Mackeral, the blood around his mouth is mine, not his! Here’s how it happened: I landed him and removed the hook from his

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A few More Fish:

We got These on Sunday: Thats a PILE of Red Snapper! Thats a Squirrelfish, better known to anglers as a “Beeliner”

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Got a Trophy Monday Night:

Thats Me and Steve we caught the 80 lb Class Cobia…I reeled it in and Steve Gaffed it…it was his first time ever gaffing a fish but he did it

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Today the fishermen won!

This isn’t even half of what we caught! First Mate Danny displays a “Smoker King” Captain South with a good snapper and a king mackeral And again with 2 good

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