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After reading Goddess’ sad tale of health perils, ie; “lazyazzitis” & “cheapazzitits”, I felt a bit reluctant to go fishing last weekend. Not being afflicted with either of those itis’s myself, it just seemed selfish. As usual, I got over that idea pretty quick.

Last time I went fishing was …. Well, I was about 12 years old and used a cane pole down at the river. I remember being excited about catching something called a Big Mouth Bass or some other dangerous sea monster, digging for worms all morning and then sitting on the bank all afternoon. All to catch one little fish called a crappy about the size of a midget’s hand, a beer can and a sock. Since then, I just didn’t really care much for the idea. Turned my attention more to girls and the pursuit thereof. I can’t honestly say I’ve had much better luck with that, but it has been a lot more fun.

Then my buddy Mike called me. Now I’ve listen to him sing the praise’s of deep sea fishing for a couple years or so and he makes it sound pretty good. But ain’t forgot my last fishing experience so I haven’t exactly been begging to go with him. The trips to Dayton have been more to my liking. But… He just happen to call me when I was really feeling weak from yet another loss I’d had while enjoying my aforementioned pursuits.

Well, after hearing the invite and costs involved, Goddess would simply have passed out due to her cheapazzitits ills. I said sure, count me in. That was one of my better decisions. Even a blind squirrel you know.

We picked up Ashley, a fishing buddess (and hottie) that’s been before, and got there Thursday evening. Up at 4:30am and in the boat by 5am and by God CATCHING by 6am. Damnest thing I’ve ever seen. We were pulling in rod benders as fast as we could bait the hooks. I damn near forgot all about my other pursuits and losses. I just got lost in the carnage. It was in fact just as much fun as South made it out to be. The next day we had a bit of bad weather, but I didn’t mind. Considering the day & night before, I needed the extra rest. Saturday we took our time and just basically rested out on the water and Sunday made the trip back home.

It was worth every penny Goddess. If you ever get over your ills and find yourself on the end of an invite, I recommend it.

Thanks for taking me Brotha, and thanks to Danny & Ashley for making me feel a part of the group. I hope to go again soon.


Frank done good…we caught some fishies too….

I Came Back To Porn To Find It As Boring As When I Left:

AIM is all up in arms cuz some guy name of Junior King is forging his HIV tests. So word to the wise…don’t work with junior…not now not ever.

HotMovies Back Online:

They contacted me to let me know all 35,000 movies are restored and available.

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Frank Writes:

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