Vivid Nabs Barby:

As in Lanny Barby. She is a hot girl who has few limits, different for a Vivid Girl but theres hotter properties right now, Kerri Sable comes to mind. vivid girls have become rather insignificant of late, eclipsed by the PR machine at Digital Playground who made Tera Patrick and Jesse Jane about as close as you can get to porn superstars. Vivid snapped up Tera when she left DP but in terms of mainstream exposure she has slipped a lot.

OK so ya think I’m full of it…you have ten seconds to name 3 more current Vivid Girls other than the 2 I just mentioned….GO.


Ya Ya Ya, I Know:

It’s been a few days, truth is I needed a break and I went to Mexico Beach to fish and relax. The water is still too cold for any real fish to bite so I came up empty there but in the relaxing category…I did do that.

Nothing really happened anyhow, porners are a lot more careful these days. Most are tired of seeing themselves on websites when they do something stupid and are much more wary about who may be watching when they do something stupid.

I don’t have nearly as many people giving me scoops anymore either. I still get good intell but too many of ya are off the record….

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Vivid Nabs Barby:

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