OK Tim Case Talked Me Into Posting Fishing Pics:

One in particular he claimed would make me satan himself…can you guess which one?

Headed out to the fishing grounds

A Jerk on One End of a Rod Waiting For a Jerk on the Other?

Uh Oh….Thats My Little Brother with a Helluva Red Snapper
Note the filet knife in the picture it is the very same kinfe I used to make boneless filets out of this bad boy
(The Fish not my Brother)

The First Days Catch


I know I got slack…so sue me…I went fishing? Wanna see what we caught? I can post the pics but I wouldn’t want anyone to be bored….if a few people ask it’s done…hey we caught the daylioghts out of em…big red snapper, grouper and mangrove snapper…and a few dolfin too….

HD, HDV and Porn:

This is more for you tech geeks really…most people (even in porn consider HDV to be the same as HD (High Def)…It isnt.

Having shot recently with both a 100K (as in dollars ) Sony Varicam and with a much less expensive (around 6K) FX1 A few things jump out at me.

First the difference in picture quality on even the best TV sets is negligible, it seems HDV is exceptionally well suited to how porn is shot…no compositing, simple hard cuts or fades and shots held MUCH longer than in regular TV.

The varicam is a huge camera and can’t be shot hand held, you probably could with a steadcam rig but even at that it would take a helluva man to do it all day. On the other hand the HDV camera lends itself well to shooting handheld. What does this mean to porners? A lot actually, features can be shot with a Varicam with relative ease but the vast majority of porn is gonzo, which doesn’t much lend itself to a camera on a tripod type of shooting situation so HDV is clearly a better choice at this time for that style of shooting.

The guys shooting HD on the 100K cameras are prone to look down their noses at HDV but if its whip out you want to play HDV may not be quite as sharp but the versatility beats HD hands down.

I played with a copy of Vegas Video 6, which edits HD, HDV and everything else for a fraction of the price you’d pay for Final Cut Pro and I found Vegas to be surprisingly professional. The audio tools are excellent and the interface is intuitive, additionally the encoding is about twice as fast as Final Cut on the same clips. It appears that less money doesn’t necessarily mean inferior quality.

The biggest advantage to both formats was the ability to get beautiful frame grabs…that are certainly high enough quality for boxcover shots and better quality than most websites are now posting…Maybe I will post a few for your inspection.

So what does all this mean…well consider it a kind of public service for those of you who havent made the leap to HD yet…specially if you are shooting something other than features…It could be that HDV offers a great interim solution until HD becomes less bulky and less pricey..chances are your viewers…even the ones with HiDef TVs wont see any difference.

15250cookie-checkOK Tim Case Talked Me Into Posting Fishing Pics:

OK Tim Case Talked Me Into Posting Fishing Pics:

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