Day 2 Offshore

We were back at it at daylight again.


As anyone who  has ever tried to throw a big castnet can tell you it is a WHOLE LOT MORE DIFFICULT than its looks.  It’s an art.


I start the day with another big Amberjack…they nickname them “Reef Donkeys” down here because they pull so hard and steady…This one wore me out.


Thtat’s a dolphin….for you left coasters like Kayden…Mahi Mahi…nothing in the ocean is more colorful in my opinion.  When they get excited the color really pops.  Crashing a bait makes them excited….


The days catch, thats a limit of red snapper and a limit of Amberjack and a good catch of mangrove snapper.  for every fish you see there we probably released at least 10.

This was what the doctor ordered for me….

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Day 2 Offshore

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