When You Go Out to Sea You Never Know What’s Going to Happen:

That’s part of the thrill really, It really is a man’s sport, or a tough chick, It isn’t something a prissy chick is gonna get off on. Thing is most days are pretty uneventful, other than catching fish and seeing things that you will never see from the beach, like real flying fish and stuff. But first things first.

Yesterday I was laid low with some godawful stomach virus…I was in bed ALL day, never even thought about fishing or anything today, but when I woke up this morning I felt right as rain and when my brother called and said that 3 boats were going out to 12 miler I figured it would be a nice and easy trip so I joined in, my little brother decided to go with me. So we got a late start (about 9AM which is way late for us, we are normally in the water at 5AM). I had my dad, my step mom, my nephew, my little brother and Ashley with me. Seas were a tad choppy but no biggie.

We got out to 12 Miler and immediately started catching fish, lots of Mangrove Snapper (What the locals call Black Snapper), a few reds and some Dolphin (The fish not the mammal). As we were fishing we saw a storm brewing and decided it was headed towards us so we picked up and headed back. So did Kenny and the people in his boat. We were well ahead of the storm and making fine time…then Kennys boat got hit by lightning, taking out his electronics and ginking up his motor…he was just limping. we followed him a little way and decided the storm was gaining on us too much. We pulled up to him and put his 6 people on the boat with us, he tossed his anchor, pulling out all the rope and tied it off….Just as he got in and abandoned his boat, we got hit full force by the thunderstorm, hard rain and lighting but we were under way pretty quick…I kicked the boat up to 45 knots and in minutes we were ahead of it again, everyone got back safe and sound, Kenny took a little shock from the lightning hit but wasn’t injured.

After a couple of hours the storm broke and we got a small window of opportunity, we went back out to tow in Kenny’s boat. We had radioed the Coast Gaurd with it’s position and they were OK as long as we retrieved it before dark, after dark it becomes a navigational hazard.

On the way back out the seas were much less accomodating, about 8 foot, but we were on a search mission anyway, we didn’t know if the anchor held or not so we were just running 10 knots. At about 6 miles out we saw it on the horizon, or at least what we thought was it. another 30 minutes and we knew we had the right boat, right where we left it. We hooked up a tow line and while I towed it in Kenny worked on the motor, he got it running well enough that we cut him loose and followed him in. He wasn’t running right but at least we didn’t have to come back at towing speed (about 4.5 knots) and at least we didn’t have to try to drag him through the rather treacherous canal.

All said and done, we got him back and everyone is happy and tired. We were never in any real danger, nothing like capsizing or anything. Lightning is a pretty big deal but as odd as it may sound it almost never harms anyone offshore, the real killer out there in a squall is panic, which nobody did.

Here’s some pics from the day

Ashley has one on

And she catches it too, she did very well today catching enough to tire her out. It was her first time on the Ocean too.

most of the days catch (We actually had a few more snapper)

Mother Nature all relaxed (that’s my beach tent in front of my house…special picture for Goddess cuz she likes sappy stuff like this.)

Now You Are Probably All Saying…Ya South But…:

What does all this have to do with porn?

Absofuckinglutly NOTHING!


12610cookie-checkWhen You Go Out to Sea You Never Know What’s Going to Happen:

When You Go Out to Sea You Never Know What’s Going to Happen:

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