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“Evan Seinfeld Puts Gun To Tera Patrick’s Head

You once posted something about Tera Patrick and Dorothy Stratton. I think you’re more right than you want to be.

Actually I didn’t miss either story and I don’t reckon y’all did either, honestly I just wasn’t motivated to rant and rave, Ya I know that sounds strange but I assure you I am just fine, I just…well…Have more fun things to do plus I’m getting a bit tired of beating my head into a wall. The first letter did a much better job of outlining that particular issue anyway. I had a heads up that there would be major drama at that meeting and was told to have a camera on both the audience and the panel but I was in Canada and couldn’t bring it together in time. Oh well all the major news sources got it.

Remember the first rule in Crisis Management? STOP THE BLEEDING! AIM is a fucking artery laid wide open, and yet they continue to let “Doctor” Mitch make complete morons out of the entire lot of them. The longer they let it bleed the worse for the industry.

Well I am Back at the Beach And Despite My Resolve:

To not post as many fising photos, this time I can help myself…I think you will see why

That’s the days catch 24 Red and 19 Mangrove Snapper

This is my new friend Tiffany She may be the worlds most PERFECT Girl cuz she fishes and

She Smokes!


She certainly takes my breath away! I Love Ya Baby!

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From The Mail Bag:

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