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Ruminations on Porn

I was thinking about the abysmally sorry state of affairs that the porn biz has found itself in of late. While considering such creatively void fare as  So and So

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The Pigs Squeal

On my site I have to sometimes get people to pay attention and sadly, these days people are so stone stick stupid you have to knock them over the head

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The Biggest Pig In Porn

I have gotten literally dozens of emails about this and I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to go into it, but It finally dawned on me that the truth

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AVN Awards Final Notes

As expected Pirates 2 cleaned house, even Jewn hissownself accepted an award in a cowboy hat and sunglasses Some surprises were that Kayden was shut out, but we know she

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Breaking News:

 I still love Adam and Eve. We put the ink on our second year marriage (wave of the future I think) and they sent me a new necklace in the

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From the Trenches

I read through some of the recent posts before beginning my first one and i came across the one expressing the need for a female perspective… a word ‘from the

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Common Sense Writes

par·o·dy [par-uh-dee] -noun 1.a humorous or satirical imitation of a serious piece of literature or writing: his hilarious parody of Hamlet’s soliloquy. 2. the genre of literary composition represented by

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Adam and Eve has signed Bree Olsen to be the new contract girl for the company. Effective Aug 1. Bree is under a 5 year contract with the company. Word

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The Nakita Kash Interview by Moe Green Although “Nakita Kash” is a name that is completely unknown to the world at large, those of us who make our living in

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