Ya Gotta Admire Porners…Jeff Mullen Out Adellas Adella

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, August 8th, 2007

Is Long Dong Black Kong Too Shocking?

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) The interracial sex series Long Dong Black Kong makes a splashy debut August 14th from Bad Seed/X-Play and already the very thought of this title is being called offensive by some.

A letter posted on a prominent adult industry website stated that “it is insulting, degrading and I would honestly rather be called a nigger, that way I know where I stand with your company.”

“We knew we were creating something that was a bit shocking, but we thought it was going to be strictly from the fact that little white girls were getting screwed by massively large black dicks in living color,” stated the series’ director Will Ryder.

While dirty interracial sex is nothing new to the adult entertainment industry, it is in the way that these sweet innocent girls engage in sex under the rather daring and apparently shocking movie title that leads to such racist conclusions.

The very words Long Dong Black Kong is forging visions of King Kong which apparently is enough for some to pull the race card but the movie’s producers don’t see it that way.

“I never once thought about that until a girlfriend of mine pointed it out to me after she mentioned the title to her very shocked mother during a discussion,” stated the movie’s co-producer Jeff Mullen.

“I have met some scum bag racists over the years and we are not one of them.  This is a very nicely produced interracial hardcore sex series and if we’ve pushed somebody’s buttons then so be it, but we didn’t intentionally go out to hurt anyone’s feelings,” Mullen offered.

“The message about Long Dong Black Kong should be that black is beautiful baby,” Ryder added.  “Maybe we should have called the movie that instead, but Long Dong Black Kong just sounds so much better.”

The debut edition stars Emily Evermore, Veronique Vega, Bree Olson, Kissy Kapri, and Leah Luv in nasty action with Long Dong Black Kong in some spectacular, dirty sex positions.

The movie does open up with a mention that in the 1950s Brown versus the Board of Education paved the way for blacks and whites to integrate, but nobody thought that black guys would be banging while girls like this.

“This is not a racist series by any stretch of the imagination.  It is shocking and graphic but most good porn is.  We’re not living back in the 1950s during the era of the Board of Education”, Mullen concluded.

Long Dong Black Kong will be in stores everywhere August 14th from Bad Seed/X-Play.  Ask for it by name!  You’ll be glad you did.

Well as we all know, Will Ryder and Jeff Mullen are one and the same. What i wanna know is where is Adam and Eve ofn this issue…they haven’t rang in that I know of. Maybe they can change the name to Adam and Eve and Long Dong Black Kong




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Ya Gotta Admire Porners…Jeff Mullen Out Adellas Adella

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