The Nakita Kash Interview

by Moe Green

Although “Nakita Kash” is a name that is completely unknown to the world at large, those of us who make our living in the XXX industry may have some memory of her. Nakita, a thin, pretty starlet with great tan lines, first broke into the world of adult in 1996 as a feature dancer after working at Deja Vu in Minneapolis for a short time. She went on to find some notoriety on the dance circuit, winning such coveted titles as Miss Nude Go-Go, Miss Exotic Snowmobile, Miss Nood Wurld, and 1997’s Best Camel Toe. After working for many years doing girl-girl only scenes, Nakita finally shot herself out and made her boy/girl XXX debut in “KASH: Too Little, Too Late”, a Sin City film directed by Michael Raven which was released to near universal disinterest. Her most recent film, “Pizza Faced Mature Women With Younger Girls 11”, was released by X-traordinary in 2004.

After moving in with her dance agent in a desperate effort to up her rates and increase her bookings, Nakita finally gave up the ghost and retired. She now lives in a St. Petersburg Beach hostel and spends her days talking to her dog. She spoke with us recently from a beach nearby her home, as she walked through the surf and collected aluminum cans.

MG: Hello, Nakita.

NK: Dave, is that you? Goddammit, did you nail down that Admiral Theater booking yet? I TOLD them I’m a bigger name than Teri Weigel! I have credits! I’ve won titles, goddamit!

MG: Uh…no, dear. It’s me, Moe Green, remember? The interviewer? I’m a correspondent for

NK: Mike South? Oh, yeah…I remember him. The Bukkake guy. Maybe I should have shot with him when he asked…things might have turned out differently.

MG: You were asked to do a bukkake? I can’t imagine.

NK: Yeah, it was during the Tampa show a few years ago. Goddamn finger foods. You! Over there! What the fuck are YOU looking at???

MG: Nakita, take it easy. That’s a seagull.

NK: Fucking seagulls. I hate them…they taste like cat food.

MG: Nakita, tell me a little bit about your years in the adult industry.

NK: (belches) Fuck porn. They never appreciated me. I was a BIG NAME — I mean HUGE! Do you hear me??? Really, I WAS! Then I gave Tabitha Stevens that Sly Stallone film, and my whole world just went to shit.

MG: Do you remember anything at all about your life in XXX? Was the business good to you?

NK: Evan Stone. A nice guy with some really big nuts.

MG: What about the drugs, Nakita? Did you ever use any recreational drugs that could explain your subsequent slide into dementia?

NK: DRUGS? Where?

MG: No, Nakita — I’m asking you a question. Did you ever use drugs during your years in the adult industry?

NK: Oh. No, I was never into illegal drugs. Never. Stabbing people in the back, though — now THERE’S a real high. Hey, can you give me a dollar? Want to see some of my old moves?

At this point, Nakita turned and danced into the surf, raving and pulling off the rags and oversize wool coat which enveloped her painfully thin body. Her dog sat with me on the beach, near a pile of cans, barking. The last thing I saw before she disappeared into the surf was a set of perfect tan lines.

Congrats to My Friend Austyn Moore and to Adam and Eve for Having The Brains to Sign Her:

Austyn is an impossibly cute girl who doesn’t have a drug habit and doesn’t “escort” making her a rarity in the contract girl world. Austyn joins Carmen Luvana, Adam and Eve’s other squeeky clean contract girl. Carmen and Austyn will make a good team, giving Adam and Eve the most stable a trouble free contract girls in porn. Now if they only had A-Dell to PR em…..



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