Bree Olson melts Down On Bubba The Love Sponge

By now you have probably at least heard about this, if not seen the video and heard the audio.

Based on what I saw on Bubba’s website it’s kind of hard to tell exactly where things went wrong, but according to the audio “she didn’t care that we called her a whore, she is mad because we lied to her”

This is where I want to point out a few things:

First, why do you go on a show like Stern or Bubba when you know going into it that the only thing they want to do is belittle you, make fun of you and make you look and sound like a stupid whore?

Second, you play up to the stereotype by having sex with the janitor or a cab driver or whoever else they can dredge up.

Then you behave in this manner and you expect to be treated with anything that even remotely resembles respect?

This isn’t just Bree, I have seen a lot of porn girls do it, but for a contract girl for a company like Adam and Eve to do it just seems wrong to me.

It would seem to me that you would be much better served by presenting yourself as a class act, dressing appropriately, and representing yourself and your peers in the industry with intelligence and a smile.

Is the tiny audience that is represented by the listenership of Bubba or Stern worth making a fool of yourself by letting someone make a fool of you worth it? Is this really how you wish to be known? Is this really the image that the company your represent wants you to put forth?

If you would like me to come explain to your company and your representatives why this is bad and how to do it right please feel free to contact me.

25900cookie-checkBree Olson melts Down On Bubba The Love Sponge

Bree Olson melts Down On Bubba The Love Sponge

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2 Responses

  1. nobody deserves to be disrespected but i’m a little cynical when it comes to entertainers having a meltdown so i was both laughing and pitying at the whole situation. in the end this will either turn out to be marketing or she gets saved by baby jesus. lol.

  2. I agree Ive heard other stories. I cant see this show having any real value then upsetting the shit out of some poor girl.

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