Teagan Presley Skips on a 700 Dollar Tab at Blush?

According to Alexis Ford, Teagan Presley and her “douchebag boyfriend Josh” skip on a 700 dollar tab at a club where she recently featured at Blush in Pittsburgh, PA.  They didn’t even tip the waitresses.


Here’s her tweet about it

“24 May 2012 @AlexisFord: Once again thank u to the broke ass pornstar who came to blush and ran up a huge tab and aint pay shit fuckeditup for the rest of us”

She later did an interview with a local radio station and calls out Teagan.  You can hear the interview here the remarks can be heard at 5 Mins 15 secs to 6 mins 30 secs

Good for Alexis for calling these two asshats out.


61200cookie-checkTeagan Presley Skips on a 700 Dollar Tab at Blush?

Teagan Presley Skips on a 700 Dollar Tab at Blush?

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5 Responses

  1. I don’t know about PA but here in MI people can actually get jail time for skipping out on a bar or restaurant tab.

    BTW what in the hell did they order in a strip club that cost $700? Two lap dances and some special sexual services in the private booth maybe?

  2. A question to Mike South, have you tried contacting Teagan to get her side of the story?

  3. In her defense, keep in mind that $675 of it was meant to pay for crap that doesn’t actually serve any legitimate, objective human need that the customers of strip clubs have, and instead just helps them indulge their various neuroses?

  4. HEY, neuroses have needs, too. If you take your neuroses out to a strip club, you should pay the tab.

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