On the Way Back from Adam And Eve:

Paige and I stopped off at AEBN in Charlotte, AEBN has always been very cool to me and I stopped in to see Carmen Luvana who was there doing a promo appearance and my buddy Scott McGowan. Scott runs eyeonadult.com. It’s probably the best written blog going these days, Scott is a damn good writer and a funny guy. He even managed to convince Paige to do her first interview…I will post a link to it when it’s up.

Steve Writes:

Mike, read your new rules, funny shit! On the porn rules you forgot;

Belladonna is good looking, although you could drive a truck thru that gap in her teeth. Any woman who likes having a baseball bat rammed in their ass feels good, is fucking nuts and needs help. What’s next, a tree trunk?
Can we please dispense with the squirting movies. I cannot find where shoving a dildo the size of a midget in your vagina pleasing. Hell, if you can do that, you can show giving a whole new relm of giving birth. Just stand still, squat and pop that baby right out on the floor.
And in case you are wondering who the hell Steve is…he runs one of Atlanta’s biggest Video Stores…

Knice Writes:

I still keep up with you, but with my new job I’m kinda running behind. But I just had to throw you 2 comments.

First another new porn rule….Ladies when you tell a person that your interested in stripping or doing porn, but your “boyfriend” would never let you. Here’s a hint dump his dead beat ass, and find a real man.

Second, I actually saw this the other day. During the weekend of May 5-6, the Waco rodeo was held in Waco Georgia. Among the sponsors for the rodeo was the Haralson Spinal Clinic and the Bremen Health and Wellness Center. Isn’t that like having a Klan rally sponsored by Clorox Bleach or Blue Water Rope?

I hope all is well with you Mike. I’ve been meaning to call you so I could show you that spot, that I thought would make a cool spot for a shoot. Since then I have found another one as well in north east Floyd County, a place known as “The Pocket.” Its a really beautiful area. Well, let me run for now, I need to grab some grub. Don’t be a stranger and keep up the good work…Oh Damn…before I forget have you heard of Raven Riley, she is an 18 year old high school student that has here own adult websight. I thought she might be a possible candidate for you to get in a film. She lives somewhere around the Atlanta area, at least that’s what she claims on her Myspace sight.

While I Am At It:

The folks at Digital Playground & Adam and Eve deserve mad props. Releasing “Pirates” as an R rated theatrical release is quite a coup and a first on many levels. The Dvd release will be released in coordination with Pirates of the Carribean “Dead Mans Chest” and it has already been picked up by all the nations big rental chains…read Bockbuster.

Editing a porn movie down to an R rating is quite a job and word I get is that old Jewn personally did the editing, learning a lot in the process, but the juice was worth the squeeze. Congrats to DP and A&E on taking adult to a whole new level, they deserve all the PR this will generate for em.


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On the Way Back from Adam And Eve:

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