The Pigs Squeal

On my site I have to sometimes get people to pay attention and sadly, these days people are so stone stick stupid you have to knock them over the head with it.  I brought this behavior to Adam and Eves attention months ago and they did nothing to bring it in check, they even quietly encouraged it.  It isnt an act though, and it endangers people.  If you simply state it people read it and blow it off, but when you actually show them the problem by putting it in their face, they at least remember it.  So to that point I did what I do, I force them to confront it. Thing is they are as dumb as rutabagas, they think its some ploy to make Kayden look better…no you morons, it’s a ploy to make YOU look better, then you ignore it and when I bring it to light you try to tell me my motive is evil.  That’s the problem with this biz….it’s always someone elses fault when you shit where you eat.  And I’m supposed to wipe your ass for you and clean up your mess by lying? Or ignoring the fact that you are endangering  people I love? Why won’t anyone these days take responsibility for their own actions?  Its my fault that you look like dirtbags because you act like dirtbags?…I’m supposed to sit back and say oh it’s Adam and Eve I cant call them out they are bros…..You want an industry kiss ass there are plenty of Houston Don fanboys out there.  I wrote that bit, I called Bree the biggest pig in porn you don’t like it? Fine tell me, don’t try to lay it off on Kayden, she had no more to do with it than Houston Don did.

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The Pigs Squeal

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  1. Seems a little sad that they can’t abstract from the fact that Kayden merely posts here now and then. And thus take their dissatisfaction with mikesouth out on her. 🙁

    I hope they learn. If not i hope Kayden stands up for herself, and that she gets all the moral support she needs.

    regards and thanks to the entire staff and contributing editors.


  2. This occured because of the nature of your business. As I’ve said before, in order for porn production to be profitable, you absolutely must take advantage of the flaws (namely pretentiousness, dishonesty with oneself about what one deserves, and a lack of confidence with women). Now, the most important flaw relevant here is the second one, dishonesty with oneself about what one deserves. If a person – or a group of people calling themselves a company – are willing to take advantage of that flaw in others for economic gain, then, at some level, they must share that flaw. The level at which the people at Adam and Eve possess it is, evidently, in how the off-camera behavior of their personnel is judged. As you said, they seem to think that they deserve to be excused from having it pointed out – even if doing so is absolutely necessary for safety reasons.

    But, in an industry which tells millions of people that they deserve a psychological experience they haven’t earned, and that it’s perfectly acceptable to want to deserve what one hasn’t earned, can you really be surprised? Only if you’re dishonest.

  3. Id sya you do have a point on that one man…no doubt. I would never have thought that I would say it but I may actually be one of a very few people who try to approch this biz ethically….at least within my ethics….

  4. Rock on Mike!

    Say it like it is, that’s what I like about suger coating your thoughts & opinons.

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