From the Trenches

I read through some of the recent posts before beginning my first one and i came across the one expressing the need for a female perspective… a word ‘from the trenches’. I haven’t been brutalized yet in this industry but the various things that broke me into porn are worth mentioning. Let’s recap a year of learning and awkwardness in porn:

First movie: It was not five minutes into shooting that i realized with horror that the penis at hand would not be entering my mouth for purely mechanical reasons. It was simply too large. I also took advantage of the situation and became the only girl in history to ask Manuel Ferrara if it was in yet. At that point my pussy was numb from the shock.

Second movie: It was here i learned that i had been doing anal wrong for six years. I had always assumed that simply sticking it in was fine. Kylie Ireland was kind enough to teach me the dieting plans, cleansing rituals, and toy-in-the-make-up-chair tricks necessary to “do” anal. To this day i have not done it right.

Third movie: I learned the nuances of wearing a strap on. Learned is an overstatement. I attempted. I also learned that some girls can ‘lose’ enemas in their bodies and the contents can reappear much much later at the most inoppurtune times ….

Fourth/Fifth movie: with no script, no make up artist, and catered with McDonald’s, we managed a movie. Or two. I learned i had signed with the wrong company.

Sixth movie: i learned that porn stars need assistants (for…?). I finally walked through the perpetual enema juice on the bathroom floor without slipping, wincing, or gagging. This was a milestone.

Seventh movie: a girl got me off. This was unchartered territory. I learned that certain dildo materials cause reactions similar to those of pepper spray when applied to the back of the throat.

Eighth movie: i got peed on. It should be known that this was not in the script (and the fact that i have to specify that should tell you something as well).

I’m sure the stories will get bigger and better in the coming years. The industry so far has been easy on me. Maybe next time i’ll go into the things i’ve learned off set about porn. The best things aren’t caught on camera.

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From the Trenches

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  1. Good post! Please continue.

    Eureka. You sound like that rarest of types, a porn star who doesn’t talk about herself incessantly and actually thinks about what her audience will be interested in hearing.


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