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Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing I’ve been traveling a bit lately. I’ve actually been through six states this week. The weekend was spent in Sacramento and Monday in LA preparing for another week

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What Would Make You Pay For Porn

Adam and Eve is finally rolling out with “The 8th Day”. Now it has a Twitter page. Yes. My porn tweets (twitter.com/The8thDayXXX). The signings are starting. The back seat of

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2 Degrees

I’m in the make up trailer on day 10 of 11 for Adam and Eve’s biggest movie of the year, Rawhide 2. Thirty minutes ago I stepped in to touch

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Evil Bunny Gremlins

Have you ever had a pet rabbit? I have. I’ve had dozens of them. Here’s my dirty little secret: I was in FFA. I was a Future Farmer of America.

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I have a solution

OK so I just stopped by this site to see what recent porn happenings I could catch up on, and lo and behold, there are none. The last post was

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Reprinted from democracynow.org

Swedish Court Sentences Founders of File-Sharing Website A Swedish court has sentenced the four founders of the file-sharing website Pirate Bay to one year in prison and to pay a

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IVD group hug moment

If I were to document this exact moment I would bore you. I’m cold because the maid service is cleaning my hotel room and the door is wide open and

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I’m at Starbuck’s again, not drinking coffee because I like to throw multiple resolutions against the wall to see what sticks and this one has. I am nursing a giant

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iPhones do everything

Back in September, on a glamour shoot for my site, I hired a photographer off of one of my movie sets to do a batch of stills and video work

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Something for Everyone

I should be in bed now but sometimes I go through phases where the computer is as interesting as everyone says it is and I stay up until 3 am

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Tunnel Vision

I’m on the phone. No. That’s a lie. My phone is on speaker and I’m on the computer. My mom is on the phone. She has superpowers, namely her ability

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. VD. The all too obvious parallel with the other disaster linked to love has drawn itself and I feel trite pointing it out. It’s actually never been a

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How to talk without saying anything

Here’s what I’ve learned from celebrity gossip magazines- avoid holding a verifiable opinion at all costs. When you are backed into a corner, say things that only monsters would publicly

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you should twitter too

Twitter. Before stevelick’s post on the evil irrelevance of it all it was only a Disney sound to me. It’s what the cartoon birds did when they were in love

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preventative measures

I was pumping gas on Sunday and I had paid in cash because the ATM kidnapped my card so I had slightly more time than usual to really get in

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Go forth and multiply

Sooooo I got molded today. Cyberskin replicas of my various body parts will be rolling off the line any month now. Official Kayden Kross gag gifts will be coming soon

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Dear English Teacher: I’m not going to address you formally and space twice before I begin with an indent and double check the date at the top because my life

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