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Swedish Court Sentences Founders of File-Sharing Website

A Swedish court has sentenced the four founders of the file-sharing website Pirate Bay to one year in prison and to pay a $3.5 million fine for violating copyright laws. The men were convicted even though they did not host copyrighted works on their own servers. Instead, the site indexed and tracked torrent files. Attorney Per Samuelson represented the founders of Pirate Bay.

Per Samuelson: “My comment is that the Swedish legal system didn’t stand against the political pressure from the whole of the world, from the whole of the power, and it’s very hard for them to acquit, but they should have done that. So this is a proof that the legal system doesn’t work when you put enough pressure on it.”

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  1. Unlike The owners of The Pirate Bay I think the legal system worked perfectly. The most important thing in a free society is the preservation of property rights.

  2. I almost fell in love with you again Ms. Kross. I had come to believe you when I forced you to admit that your pretentions about being an Objectivist were just that – pretentions – but that carefully-settled conviction flarred up again when I read this just now.

    Here, I thought, was this beautiful woman reporting on the goings on of an obscure Scandinavian Objectivist. Do you mean to tell me that she reads him?! What philosophy-geek street cred that would have been.

    Fortunately for me, it seems like everyone in Sweden is named Per Samuelsson.

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