Something for Everyone

I should be in bed now but sometimes I go through phases where the computer is as interesting as everyone says it is and I stay up until 3 am playing on it. As a frame of reference though I should probably point out that I’m only an hour past the usual 2am.

Let me just say I’m amazed. There is nothing I can think of that someone doesn’t already have a site devoted to in a hardcore kind of way. Paranoias. Prophecies. Remedies. Obsessions. Quirks. Collections. The internet has simply become a giant tool for the further development of strange interests that would have run out of air otherwise. It has become a social connection for people with like minds and the pesky problem of geographical, cultural, and language differences between them. If there is one person obsessed with pictures of horned hairless cats chasing small animated creatures in Lithuania then there is at least one other person in the world with a similar vice, and they will find each other, and they will buy the url.

Complaining? No. I’m simply noting the fact, and thinking I should stop drinking Coke Zero this late at night.

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Something for Everyone

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  1. i hate the internet. i can’t get sh*t done anymore. too many interests too little time. one day i’m gonna have to turn it off

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