The Formal Retraction of Shannon Silva

Well the next time someone asks me what good porn agents are I’m just going to cut straight to the real issue. They’re necessary. Good, bad, or in between, they are the patron saints of patience.

At first I was going to retract the one pornstar stereotype line in the blog I posted about Shannon Silva for the reasons Mike mentioned below, but now I think I’ll just retract the whole damn blog. I take it back. Shannon is not a great find. She’s another stereotype waiting to happen. She has the boyfriend. She pops the pills. She full out flaked on her shoot today because she “felt sick” (which I discovered mid week is code word for “ran out of vicodin”). She was an hour and a half late yesterday. She cancelled one other day. She was on time and peachy for her first shoot though…. the one that led me to jump the gun and gush.

I was in the process of trying to find her an agent who I thought would work well with her and not force her into a contract. The way I see it a porn agent doesn’t make any investment by taking you on therefore they don’t need the protection of a year-long contract. If they do a good job they’ll be rewarded with loyalty and if they don’t then they won’t. I was looking for someone who would give her good advice and kinda sorta look out for her. I figured her best bet right now would be Bree Olson’s guy with Foxxx. He did a lot for Bree’s career and continues to. In the meantime she’s been staying with me and I’ve been finding her jobs and introducing her to people.

To clarify, I did not want to be her agent and I do not aspire to become one. Ever. Period. I don’t have the willpower. When flights are scheduled, I show up before they leave. When movie shoots are scheduled, I show up with clean tests, hair, nails, and wardrobe. That is literally all you have to do to make it in this industry. It’s not a matter of IQ. People who can’t perform these basic functions scare me and I can’t be around scary things. In real jobs you actually have to do this every day on top of dressing and communicating professionally while taking a lot more bullshit from a lot more people for a lot less money. If they can’t make it in porn then they can’t make it in real jobs and in that case where the fuck do they go?

I don’t know the answer to that conundrum but Shannon went home. I kicked her out via cellphone from North Carolina. She got a free flight down here, a free place to stay, I paid for her tests and her nails, and I made all of her bookings for free. I lobbied for the male talent that she wanted. I even arranged transportation for her every day and provided wardrobe and took her to get her hair done. And she still couldn’t make it. They came to the doorstep and she couldn’t make it.

I bet you Derek could have gotten her there.

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The Formal Retraction of Shannon Silva

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  1. well kiddo, truth be known one thing you learn in this life as you get nearer my age (reminding you you are nearer to birth than you are to my age)…but I digress.

    What you learn is, that generally speaking, people are a bad investment. You go through life hearing phrase like “you get out of it what you put into it” and you find this to be true with most things, you really do get ut of it what you put into it.

    But with people, well not so much. You try to be a good person, you try to help them, you do nice things for them, you defend them but all too often they seem to think that somehow they were deserving, I think that probably sums up Shannon.

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