IVD group hug moment

If I were to document this exact moment I would bore you. I’m cold because the maid service is cleaning my hotel room and the door is wide open and humid states like to counteract their natural environment with over-zealous air conditioning. I’m procrastinating. It’s a little after 2pm and I’ve been down at the IVD brunch where I didn’t mingle with buyers so much as other performers, but in my defense I have to say they were really interesting other performers. Alexis Texas was ‘Texilla’ in Tokyo and Tori Black is the fountain of youth. And Jessica Drake should win an award just for being.

OK I’ll keep going. Now I heart Sadie West, who I didn’t see today but hung out with on the boat last night. She’s just plain cool. I half expected her to pull a skateboard out of her purse, or at least a hacky sack. I told her she looks like Xena, Warrior Princess, and on that note I’m also surprised that she doesn’t own a bronze breast plate and a sword. She should.

Back to this boring moment. I’m getting really irritated with the sliding mirrored closet doors in this room. One is accurate and one is distorted. The distorted one makes me look awesome, but to get to the door I have to walk past the accurate one, so it goes like this:
Step 1: Kayden is preoccupied with other matters
Step 2: Kayden sees dream body in the mirror
Step 3: Kayden is pulled back to reality in the next mirror
Step 4: Kayden slams the door shut behind her, occasionally with a huff and/or eyeroll.

Now that I’ve referred to myself in the third person I’m going to shift focus again. It’s refreshing to be around so many people that make this industry look good. I hear the stereotypes constantly. I fear them. I see them and it’s depressing. Then I see girls like Alexis and Sadie and Jessica and Tori and Ashlynn and Sunny and I’m proud to be sent along with them. These are the people who legitimize porn. They’re engaging and dynamic and strong. They weren’t on this trip but I’d like to throw Stoya and Sasha Grey on that list. If these are the faces we keep showing the world I think there’s a lot of hope for porn.

OK I’m off my soapbox now I’ll find some other way to waste time.

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IVD group hug moment

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  1. i think we’ll know that *porn* has truly arrived when we see a movie that has the intricate story-telling/acting of a movie like 21 Grams with someone as pretty as Kayden Kross starring but only this time the graphic sex scenes are shown with penetration. companies like wicked need to raise their bar by trying to compete against miramax, focus films, etc instead of vivid or hustler. in the meantime i hope stars like yourself and others you’ve mentioned continue to raise the bar for everyone else…whatever that bar happens to be.

  2. It’s vindicating to see that if you insist upon having a place in the blogosphere, you have finally come to accept it.

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