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I didn’t write this. It was emailed to me via myspace and I’m pulling a classic Mike move and reposting:


The truth about life is we’re all just call girls and hookers, prostitutes out daily walking the street.

We too sell part of our very selves just to exist; a place to live, clothes to wear, food to eat.

Now most of the tricks we turn aren’t in a motel room or on the side of the road in a parked car.

And we don’t pick up our Johns on a city sidewalk, we don’t meet them is some sleazy bar.

See prostitutes sell their bodies for the pleasure of others, in place of their girlfriend or wife.

Yet we sell something even more ultimately valuable, we sell the days, weeks and months of our life.

If you have a job for any company public or private you are whoring out your life till it’s finally limp.

If you’re self employed you’re still a just another hooker, you just happen to be your own pimp.

We spend our time working away for some company that doesn’t really care about us in the least.

Just another employee, just another warm body; until were used up, old, retired or deceased.

We’re all doing deeds every day we’d rather not do, Monday through Friday out turning tricks.

But instead of one single John slipping it to you. It’s a corporation of many slipping you dick.

Doesn’t matter who you work for, if you work at all, you’re out selling your days like a cheap slut.

But unlike a call girl who can refuse or charge extra, we’re forced daily to take it up the butt.

Our lives are toil in one form or another it seems, from the day we’re born until we take our last breath.

But instead of enjoying this one life we’ve been given, we prostitute our short time until death.

It doesn’t seem fair that so very few of us truly live, and experience our life to it’s fullest extent.

But like some whore we use up our time on earth, until our days and our energy is finally spent.

One day when were of no use to some company, we’re just like a hooker who’s worth has all passed.

Any enjoyable activity we might yet want to do, we find we sold our youth like a piece of ass.

Every day that I’ve worked I’ve felt like a slut, doing something for money I’d really rather not do.

And while not on my knees or flat on my back, with each pay check I know I’m getting used.

There is so much of this world I want to see and do, but I find I must sell my time just to survive.

But it seems in the end no matter what career chosen, I’ve put some dollar amount on my life.

I’m sure there are people who enjoy what they do, and probably some call girls who enjoy the sex too.

But to make a product I don’t use for someone I don’t know, seems more sleazy than being paid to get screwed.

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15 Responses

  1. Ms. Kross, trying to validate the line of work you have chosen by calling EVERYONE a prostitute is outrageous. To say “if you work at all you are out selling your days like a cheap slut” says more about you then it does about anyone else. It is obvious from your post that you have very low self esteem. But dont compare the discontent that one feels from having a regular job to the discontent that you feel from having to let strangers use your body like a prop.Many people do not enjoy their jobs, but they dont have to LITERALLY shove things up their ass. You do have to literally shove things up your ass, that is the difference.

    I sell my time, knowledge, and skills to earn a living. You sell your body.

    Then you have the gall to say, “But to make a product I dont use for somone I dont know, seemes more sleazy than being paid to get screwed.” To insinuate that we in the real world are bigger sleazeballs than you is truely dilusional.

    You said, “everyday i work i fell like a slut”
    That is because you are a slut, it is the profession you have chosen. Perhaps if you had chosen another line of work you wouldnt feel the need to try to drag everyone down to your level. Perhaps you could have chosen to work in real estate, where you could really screw people over.

    This post is an obvious cry for help. Mike, as a friend to this girl you should help her find out why she has such low self esteem.

  2. OOPS, I missed the very first line where you daid that you did not write this. My apologies. But my main premise remains the same, to call everyone a sleazeball prostitute just for earning a living is the ultimate classic denial that prostitutes use to justify their choices in life.

  3. But to make a product I don’t use for someone I don’t know, seems more sleazy than being paid to get screwed
    So I guess the person who wrote this doesn’t own a home or a car or a computer or clothes, etc. because buying a product that was made by someone they don’t know would be worse than getting screwed, wouldn’t it?

    Break out the tiny violins.

  4. I think I agree with some of the sentiments in this rant but i found it poorly explained. There are many ways to defend prostitution and rail against greedy corporations but the correlation between one’s discontent over their J-O-B wasn’t the best approach.

  5. My problem with the piece is the writer presupposes everyone hates their job and that their lives are miserable because of it.

    “Every day that I’ve worked I’ve felt like a slut, doing something for money I’d really rather not do.” This phrase is rather telling. He/she didn’t say, “every day that I’ve held this job,” they said, “every day that I’ve WORKED” as if “work” is a dirty word.

    I’m smelling a future welfare recipient who will find no problem with sitting home on their ass collecting money for doing no WORK….

  6. I think Goddess nailed it on that one.

    But if you enjoy your job, be it as a prostitute, a nurse or a fishing boat captain I do think you should have every right to perform that job without society trying to impugn you for it….

    well cept maybe for politicians

  7. Fishing boat captain, now theres a job that wouldnt be so bad. This is classic psych 101 denial. This author, who obviously regrets her life choices, is attempting to discredit everybody else just to make herself feel a little less miserable. The complete lack of any self esteem is as evident as the nose on your face.
    I sell my time, skill and knowledge to earn my living. A prostitute sell her time, mouth, ass, vagina, and any other body part that her “patron” wants to pay for. There is no comparison.

  8. And i agre with Mike, Goddess hit this one right on the head. Future welfare recipient for sure.

  9. The author is just some dude on myspace who hates his job and vented in this email. I don’t think this is an issue of self esteem, I don’t think he’ll end up on welfare, and he’s not some chick trying to defend life choices. I think the idea comes across as extreme but I posted it because it was interesting. What’s even more interesting is how riled up people get about being called a prostitute, as if it were on the level of thieves and murderers. I’ve done it before too, and it still amazes me how strongly people react to that word.

  10. so actually it’s not about prostitutes but a guy who hates his job. i get it. well i have no sympathy for that. first of all why’d the guy compare his sh*tty predicament to a profession he probably knows little of and would never get into himself? without realizing it the guy baited people to respond negatively to his rant by not having a f*cking clue what he was talking about.

  11. Come now Kayden, you posted that because you agreed with it. People who are tens become agitated when they are called fives. Does it matter that they could have been called zeroes.

    Part of what I admire about hookers and porn stars is their unintentional honesty. Please don’t spoil that for me.

  12. Why don’t you save the character assassination for the blogs I actually write. If I had agreed with it 100% I would have said so. I have a pretty good history speaking my mind.

    That is one of the most empty statements I’ve ever heard from you– the broad and obvious point that one can always be called worse.

  13. I’ll save the character assassination for the blogs you actually write as long as you promise to do the same. Deal?

    Also, you chose not to understand my point. A 10, being called anything other than a 10, is justified in taking offense. Or, if you like, an agreement, being called such because of agreement with mere detail, can only justifiably be called a disagreement.

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