I’m in the make up trailer on day 10 of 11 for Adam and Eve’s biggest movie of the year, Rawhide 2. Thirty minutes ago I stepped in to touch up and change outfits for my final sex scene of the movie, and of course, being a porn chick, I had to check my phone. Twitter. Voicemail. Texts. In that order. Always.

Twitter won’t download because we’re in the middle of nowhere. I have no new voicemails probably for the same reason. Texts are hardy though. They come through. Mike had sent me one. It was short and sweet but made me forget about the cookie in my hand and the fact that they were going to make me get naked again in the cold.

“call me hiv pos”

In porn that’s a hard message to misinterpret. I called, and sure enough I had read it right. He didn’t have many details beyond that but he’d heard that a newer performer in the industry had tested positive and done a scene last week. No one knew her name or who she had worked with. Meanwhile they were lit and set up to shoot at my set, ready and waiting with Moe the PA, who will baby wipe you but won’t pull sponges out. I had to either bug the director then or hold my breath and cross my fingers. Nothing has ever worked out for me though when I’ve relied on crossing my fingers so I went to the Production Manager who sounded the alarm all the way up the ladder to Adam and Eve headquarters back in North Carolina while verifying the story on the other cell phone. Meanwhile, my partner in crime for the day slammed his foot down and said there was no way in hell he was doing a scene until they had all the information. Ladies and gentlemen let’s hear it for Evan Stone.

Luckily everyone agreed with Evan and supported the decision without the least bit of malice, which is rare when sex is withheld/postponed. We’ll be picking up the last scene towards the end of the month with Adam and Eve’s blessing and a new location that wasn’t too terribly established in the movie already. Now I’m sitting here fielding calls from people who are still finding out and calling to warn me not to shoot, and other people on set are calling other sets, their friends and husbands and wives and flings, and it’s amazing how fast information travels in this industry, and how we’re all not more than 2 degrees of sexual separation from Evan Stone.

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2 Degrees

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