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 I still love Adam and Eve. We put the ink on our second year marriage (wave of the future I think) and they sent me a new necklace in the mail and we all had a big air handshake that closed the distance between North Carolina and Georgia and LA. Now it’s back to business as usual with me bugging Meredith about the next movie idea I want to do (this one’s good I think) and twisting Bruce’s arm to hand deliver my next order of movies over lunch on the company card (where we will discuss promotional material and koi fish).

New for this year: I get to do an interactive video. Exciting, yes. Why is Adam and Eve great? Because they’re letting me do the interactive video. All of it. I’m not just the visual with an occasional sound byte. I’m the everything.

What quote should be used on my feelings about this next year?

“Adam and Eve is neato. Buy ‘The 8th Day’ when it releases in the fall” -Kayden

What quote will probably be used?

“I’m so honored that Adam and Eve chose to keep me on. They are an amazing company and I’m delighted to be a part of the team.” -Kayden

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