I Arrived In Vegas Tues Night:

It was late, I was at least 12 hours ahead of everyone else I was hanging with.I met them the next morning at the Airport, Tim and Fifi were in at 10:30 along with Raven and Giga and Scott McGowan from eyeonadult.com both came in around 11:30. We all went to take care of the usual stuff, getting badges (props to Adella for again running a tight press room, nobody does that shit better, period.) We checked into the hotel and chilled til time to go to dinner.

Giga was brand new to all of this, we had known each other for less than an hour when I asked her to go to this show, not really thinking she would. I met her at the Tampa Show and something about her really struck me, I mean ya she is cute, very cute, intelligent and oddly very conservative. But she also has a sense of adventure that I seriously appreciate. We had spent less than an hour in each others company and here she was in Vegas sharing a room with Raven and I for almost a week. Pretty Ballsy if ya ask me.

Our room adjoined Tim and Felicia Fox’s and we just opened the doors and left them that way most of the time.

The First Night Is Always My Favorite:

Me, Harry Weiss and JimmyD have an impromptu dinner, we only invite who we want and everyone buys his/her own, no pressure just fun. JimmyD strolled in way late from L.A. but Me, Raven, Giga, Dusty, Tim, Felicia, Stormy Daniels, Mike Moz, Dan Davis, Katy from Adam and Eve, Harry, Vinnie Babiglia, Scott McGowan, Crickett, Ivan, Kami Andrews (Ya we have mended the fence and I adore her now and she recognizes I wasn’t all wrong either) and a few I am probably forgetting all convened at the predetermined eatery, The Seafood Buffet at the Hotel Rio, we had called ahead and they were ready for us. This is the most fun I usually have all week because everyone is happy, there’s no drama and no pecking order, just friends having dinner and being loud.

The First Day of the Show is Thursday:

We arrive pretty much on time but man is it different this year, the CES has flowed over into the Sands Convention Center this year and parking is a royal pain in the ass. We always have a back up though and it works great, no I’m not telling what it is, if you aren’t smart enough to figure out that paring on level 8 at the Venetian will make you late for the AVN Awards…..well I cant help ya.

Raven and Giga have never been to this show and have no idea what to expect, both are buzzed about it and spent a lot of time trying on everything they had brought in an effort to convince each other that they were wearing the right stuff. I told them today is the most important day because it is the first time they will meet most of the people and they should make a good first impression. They both did.

The Show Itself Seemed Larger:

But with fewer people this year, maybe it was because the exhibit hall was larger. One thing is for sure though it doesn’t really change. OK maybe it has, it certainly doesn’t have the utlaw vibe it did ten years ago. It seems to have taken on a dull corporate feel to it, no longer a carnival of flesh and much more like an Amway convention that deals in human flesh instead of household goods. Yes it’s that weird.

The End of The Day Saw The First Party:

Now others may disagree with me here but the best party, if you got invited, Adam and Eve hosted a party at Mandalay Bay. I had passes but when I walked up Bob C. was at the gate and let us all in with no need to show invites, get wrist bands or anything else. There was a nice Jazz Band and a fabulous burlesque show, free appetizers and an open bar (where Giga still managed to spend 40 bucks for one round of drinks, she isn’t a peeler but by God she’d have made a good un!) Katy, Carmen Luvana, Rob and others greeted us and made us very welcome. It was not a sausage fest and it was a classy affair. Kudos to Adam & Eve for the best party of the show, hands down.

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I Arrived In Vegas Tues Night:

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