Happy Birthday RobbyD, You Dancing Bitch!

Happy Birthday RobbyD, You Dancing Bitch!

Tim Case Writes Over On His Blog:

Remember when Mike South used to go on and on about how hot Digital Playground contract star Jesse Jane was? (he was right, of course — Jesse is super hot and sweet and funny and I got to meet her and fall in love with her before she was even a star, so there).

Well, now Mike South, the gun-toting libertarian pornographer from Atlanta, has decided that the totally gorgeous Adam & Eve contract star Carmen Luvana is the hottest thing on two Puerto Rican legs. And he works a mention of her into nearly every day’s posts on www.mikesouth.com.

He thinks that none of us can see what he’s doing here, but I can see it — he’s angling to be Carmen’s date to the premiere of her next film.

I will make the statement right here and now — if Mike South ever gets the opportunity to bang Carmnen Luvana, he will be way too good to talk to me. I rode next to her on the plane from Tampa to L.A. after the Tampa Show in 2003, and it was all I could do to keep from abusing myself in the lavatory during the flight, I was in such a state of excitement.

Case is forgetting Carmen and I did a personal appearance together at Halloween in Toronto. And I’m already too good to talk to him but I do anyway cuz Fifi is HOT! Oh and lets not limit the legs to Puerto Rican

Am I Good Or What?

Bout this time last year this ran on adultbeat.com:

Nic Andrews Has A Home At Digital Playground
by Duke Floored (send email to Duke Floored)

I called Adella Wednesday night. “Nic Andrews has a home at Digital Playground,” she says, “and Mike South is full of s—. That’s my official comment.”

Mike had a funny report even if it was not true. He wrote on www.mikesouth.com:

Word on the street is that Nic is no longer in the employ of Digital Playground, sources tell me that his contract was up for renewal and Digital Playground wasn’t in a Rush to give him a merit increase, matter of fact they were Loaded to see that some of his benefits were Stripped, the net being Nic walked. Where will he land? Who knows maybe Scott Taylor wants him back.

Well guess what….Nic is gone from DP and back workin for Scott Taylor so apparently Mike South wasn’t as full of shit as A-Dell Implied huh…..

OK I Admit It, I’m Partial Carmen Luvana and Austyn Moore send Me This:

I Tought you might want to see, the firt picture of the 2 Adam & Eve contract girls together….
Kisses Carmen!

What pleases me more than anything is knowing that she was there thinking…I’m gonna send this to Mike South. Just being in Carmens mind is a thrill for me…just damn…and y’all know I like austyn too.


14920cookie-checkHappy Birthday RobbyD, You Dancing Bitch!

Happy Birthday RobbyD, You Dancing Bitch!

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