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Mark Kernes Gets It Wrong

I always liked Kernes, he is a bit of a chowder head but he is passionate about what he does, even when he is wrong. In a recent screed on

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Moe Green Has One Eye Writes:

South, can we PLEASE get up a petition to get Luke Ford to take back lukeisback.com? That thing has become an embarrassment. I think Luke is gone for good this

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LukeIsBack For Sale

Well, looks like Luke is taking a walk from the biz again, this time he says he will only be writing for publications that do not take advertisements from porn

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It Has Dawned on Luke Ford:

It Has Dawned on Luke Ford: That there hasn’t been a DP Tonight show in three months. What hasn’t dawned on him is that he is the only one who

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Mark Kernes Rings in on Ford:

Perhaps you didn’t watch the 60 Minutes show where Ford specifically LIED several times about what happens in this industry and about the public’s reaction to it. Burress does this

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DUC Chats:

DUC: You call Gene Ross a sell-out. What did he sell out? South1226: Jesus DUC he sold out everyone who got him where he was South1226: He is so fucking

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Liar, Liar:

I wasn’t going to mention some of this till I read the following on Luke Fords Site Setgo. “Evanseinfeld: TERA AND I HAVE BEEN 100% HONEST AND OPEN SINCE DAY

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Lukeford.com Finally Updates:

But it lacks its usual goofy humor, The reason? None other than owner Michael Keene aka Chili Pimp is back at the keyboard. Seems Wanker Wang is MIA. I haven’t

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Carly aka lukeford?

There are some quiet rumors that Carly Milne is gonna be doing the writing for LukeFord.com in Wankers Wangs absense, she may even be doing it now. She is tight

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Gene Ross Retired from Porn?:

It says over at lukeford that Gene has retired from porn…ya right. Gene Ross couldn’t get a job in this biz as a towel boy on a bukkake at this

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More CES Odds and Ends:

Max Retrial Reset: Max Hardcore was due to stand trial starting tomorrow, but the prosecutor is sick and has requested to move the trial date. No word on when the

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Luke Ford Relocated:

Anyone who went to pornrumors today has seen that the site now redirects elsewhere. Word is Luke took a more lucrative offer to write for someone else. Word is he

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