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There are some quiet rumors that Carly Milne is gonna be doing the writing for in Wankers Wangs absense, she may even be doing it now. She is tight with owner Michael Keene.

These are from my buddy Neal Boortz


Some Arab news sources are saying that Saddam Hussein, the hero of this past week’s marches, is looking for a way out of Iraq, a way into Exile. Switzerland has said no. Egypt has said no.

In the meantime .. if it wasn’t for those leftist, anti-American “useful idiot” so-called “peace” marchers out there, and France, Saddam would probably already be long gone.

One story has Saddam asking Iran for a safe passage into exile. In 1988 the Butcher of Baghdad gassed tens of thousands of Iranians. I think they should lure him over the border with promises of safe passage, then cram a canister of VX gas and a Roman candle where the sun never shines and hang him by his scrotum in a public square so the locals can watch the fireworks. Or maybe Mark Kernes will offer him safe harbor. After all he is really just an innocent fellow targeted by the evil George Bush so that George and his Oil Croonies can get richer. Good God that pathetic rhetoric, even for a Democrat.


Thanks to the pathetic job that our hideous government schools have done for us, most Americans know almost nothing of basic economics. For the most part they are blind to the fact that changes in taxes will prompt changes in the behavior of the people who pay those taxes.

Let’s turn, now, to an example. We’re going to use Craig who is 29 years old and who earns his living as a bartender. Craig is featured in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article this morning about jobs. Craig says that when gas prices go up 10 cents it affects his customers. He then says that tax cuts wouldn’t help him in his particular tax bracket. Let’s summarize. Increase gas taxes and Craig might be affected because his customers might drive less and might not make as many trips to the restaurant where he works. Decrease income taxes and it “won’t do a thing for (him).”

Can someone please explain to me why this person acknowledges that people might change their behavior if their gas costs a dime a gallon more, but they aren’t necessarily going to change their behavior if they’re allowed to keep more of the money they earn? Doesn’t it occur to people like Craig that if people are allowed to keep more of their own money they will find ways to spend or invest it, and one of those ways might just be a trip to Craig’s restaurant?

Man … are we ever paying the price for our government schools right now.

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Carly aka lukeford?

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