AVN/ASM Consumers Choice Awards Cancelled:

According to my source this awards show has been cancelled. “The voting was a fucking joke”. Word is Flashman was winning a category for best ass (that’s best not biggest) and other ridiculous stuff. AVN rightly pulled out.

Teen Tryouts 25:

Den writes: I did a lousy job of describing it, but Malorie is put under a water faucet with head up and the water running in and out of her mouth while ‘giving’ a BJ and pinching her nose closed at the same time. Sorry, but it was too much for me.

At what point are the people in this biz going stop this stupid shit? Is Luke Ford correct in that people in porn would shoot snuff films if they could get away with it? Sooner or later that’s exactly what is going to happen, and when it does don’t expect me to condemn the feds for frying our asses.

Jace Spots The Bigger Picture:

Now THATS Funny….How embarrassing…OK Ladies let this be a lesson to ya…clip them strings if you are gonna wear see-through pants!

8780cookie-checkAVN/ASM Consumers Choice Awards Cancelled:

AVN/ASM Consumers Choice Awards Cancelled:

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