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Some Random Thoughts

  I was asked today if google had yet removed the links and blacklisted the PWL domain.  The links are losing relevancy and quickly slipping

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APHSS- The Evolving Replacement for AIM

This is a Good read from APHSS- The Evolving Replacement for AIM Posted on August 28, 2011 **Please feel free to repost** The FSC

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No I’m Not Dead

  I have been busy doing an episode of “Bar Rescue” Mike South style so I have been doing long days.  In at 11AM out

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AIM 2.0 Half Ass Appears

The wise and wonderful Free Screech Cabal is announcing the latest in lets see what we can fuck up next. they announced four new testing

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The GAC Opposes .XXX

I have been writing about how bad .xxx would be since 2002, back then AVN was generally supportive as was the FSC.  My arguments why

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XXXInsider Writes

“If your company is Kaytel Video and you pirate 13 of Jules Jordan’s movies, you will be sued and held to account.  If your company

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AIM Is Clueless

If there’s one thing people in porn have learned from history, it is that they learn nothing from history. There is no arguing that AIM

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Cal OSHA Meeting Tomorrow

Wednesday’s meeting will be discussing a petition filed by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) on December 17, 2009, which seeks to require adult film producers to

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